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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

School Re-opening Monday March 8th

Please read the following guidance in preparation for the full re-opening of school on Monday March 8th.

School Reopening Letter Feb 2021

Kilburn Junior School - COVID19 - Schools full reopening - Risk Assessment March 2021

This week in Trailblazer - 01/03/21

We thought things were warming up but it's been another chilly week - the daffs are ready to go but are just holding off on opening fully; hopefully next week (Daniel counted the heads on Monday to find out how many flowers we could expect - got to mid 40s).

Collage 2021-03-02 07_36_30

LS have continued with their Egyptian themed work - shadoofers, canopic jarers and pyramid builders (the deceased tawny owl from last week now rests in a new pyramid). 

Collage 2021-03-02 19_48_38

Great work in all groups - the shadoof is exceptional: lots of maths and science touched on here as well as tool work and Collaboration. We made guttering from wood and the whole thing works charm (Evie loved operating the arm). 

Collage 2021-03-02 19_50_46

The first group of pyramiders taught another group the process and supported them to make a pyramid - awesome Communication and Leadership shown here. 

Collage 2021-03-02 07_38_16

The canopic pots are on their way to completion with excellent carving and paintwork - they're going to be used for the internal organs of some mackerel that we are going to mummify and entomb in the first pyramid. 

Collage 2021-03-02 07_39_46

US children have carried on with shields, long-boats, flat-breads and the Great Hall - we've also commenced prep work for our viking longboat cremation where we will be conducting a service for the beautiful shield-maiden Garetta Redbeard (we'll switch him out for the mannequin prior to lighting the pyre!).

Collage 2021-03-03 19_12_24

With the Great Hall, the children mixed and laid the concrete foundations and have today started to build the walls (they practiced yesterday and did a great job). The walls are going up well and we've learned building jargon like 'gobbo', 'spot' and 'loading-out'. Rest assured, all required PPE was used with the cement and tile-adhesive.

Collage 2021-03-03 19_14_10

The shields are looking great and are awaiting application of central bosses and beading - these will be placed around the longboat for the cremation. 

Collage 2021-03-04 17_57_15

Final big up to Mr Barber and Miss Brown who joined us in the wood today and undertook two projects - a stretcher to carry Garetta to the pyre and a representation of a longboat in which the pyre will be set - their teams worked brilliantly and we're delighted with their outcomes!

Collage 2021-03-04 17_55_10

We finished today with a YOU22 reflection - choosing something we were proud of that we'd achieved; what made your child proud today?

Help to Improve Your Child's Literacy!

Same Language Subtitling (SLS) is the idea of subtitling (or captioning) audio-visual content in the ‘same’ language as the audio. Word for word, what you hear is what you read, in perfect timing. This leads to some amazing benefits for children which has been proved through decades of research! 

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Morgan's masterpieces!


Morgan has blown us away over the past 8 weeks with her posters. For each creative task given, Morgan has put her own unique spin on it and created a fantastic poster complete with backed pictures and writing. Well done Morgan, we have loved seeing them.

Monday 1st March 2021 (1 Mar 2021 at 13_34)

This week in Trailblazer - WC 22/02/21

What an incredible change in the weather we've seen this week - from snow and ice before half-term to sun and 12 degrees after.

Spring is deffo on its way with the daffs emerging, plum blossom  showing and birds eagerly repairing their nests (I also have frog spawn in my pond at home - non at school yet).

Collage 2021-02-23 20_22_45

LS have this week been undertaking Egypt themed challenges - canopic jar crafters, pyramid builders and shadoof constructors.

Collage 2021-02-23 20_24_20

The shadoof was fascinating to make, with us learning a lot about levers and forces and issues with a tripod design - we hope to finalise a design and make our own next week. 

Collage 2021-02-24 18_43_40

US have been pursuing Viking themed challenges - we've had long boat makers, shield designers, flat-bread bakers and Great-Hall builders.

Collage 2021-02-24 18_45_34

We're very excited about the Great-Hall - we're constructing proper foundations and using split stone for the walls - there's been Problem Solving, maths, tool-work and stonemasonry so far - footings and floor going in next week. Special mention to Xara and Ethan here for their exceptional work splitting the stone into useable sections - tough work!

Collage 2021-02-25 20_35_24

Finally, we were also given a dead tawny owl to look at that had been killed on the road to school the night before (Mr Hull found it). What a beautifully evolved creature - we were amazed by the length and sharpness of its talons and beak, the size of its eyes and the softness of its feathers. We discussed how these evolutionary traits made it such an effective predator - we reflected on how 'rough' the pheasants feathers from before half term had been in comparison. 


Some of the children asked if they could honour the owl by creating a memorial to it - they did this and it was a fitting end for such a beautiful creature!

Footnote: just to reassure parents, we do have a hand sanitiser station in the wood that all children use in all sessions, and we also have outside, two sinks with soap and hot and cold running water - again, all children are supervised when thoroughly washing their hands after each session and as experiences in sessions dictate i.e. for cooking. 

Laya's Fairy Garden

Yesterday, after completing her school work ( and presenting it beautifully too! ) Laya created her own fairy garden and has left in the woods for everyone to enjoy. See if you can spot it when you are out and about on one of your walks!


The Great Outdoors Photography Challenge

Huge congratulations to everyone who submitted their images for the Great Outdoors Photography challenge! We were blown away by all of your fantastic submissions and were truly amazed with the amount of talent you guys have demonstrated. We really hope you enjoyed taking part in this challenge, as we thoroughly enjoyed looking through each and every one of the 250 images we received. I have already uploaded all of the submissions into a virtual gallery which you can find by clicking on the picture below, so you can see all of the fantastic images we have received and I will be hard at work this week adding all of these photos to our new display inside school.

Great outdoors challenge photo link

We had an incredibly tough job choosing a winner for this challenge with so many great photos! In the end, we determined the winner by an anonymous vote, where all of the staff were asked to vote on their favourite 3 photos. In the end a winner was determined by a difference of just one vote! 

So it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the Great Outdoors Photography Challenge as Darcie W from Team Discovery with this beautiful photo of a robin.

KJS challenge WINNER-1

Once again congratulations to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Treasure Trail...The Results

Here's a picci of the families who managed to complete the course, crack the code and find the treasure! 

Collage 2021-02-20 10_07_05

Team Steven's arrived first after only a mere 6 minutes had elapsed, followed 1 min 20 seconds later by Team Ellie. Team Darcie pulled up 10 mins later after mum had allegedly made a rookie calculation error. Finally, Team Hull arrived, fresh-faced having just completed their morning workouts.

Thanks to all who took part in any aspect of the challenge and thanks to Mr Hull for buying the treasure! 

Here are the answers you should have had for Parts 1 and 2 of the trail:

Collage 2021-02-20 11_06_47

Treasure Trail

Good morning Treasure Trailers! 

Here's the key to finding the treasure:

Total of all your 'New Answers', add 40, divide by 4.

Collage 2021-02-20 08_53_56

Please remember to observe social-distancing rules when on site (there will be a little something for everyone) and to use the hand sanitizer provided! 

Good luck treasure hunters and keep safe out there! 

TB Team

Comic Con! What happened?

In Team Equality, we have been reading Giant by Kate Scott this term. The children have loved the book, the comedy within it and the wonderful adventure that Anzo and Elise have. We also learned that we are all unique and it's important to just be ourselves. The children wrote the events of the final few chapters form Anzo or Elise's perspective. They did a brilliant job. Well done everyone!

Elise diary 1
Elise diary 1
Elise diary 1

Skellig Art

Please click on the link below to view some of the fantastic art produced by the children of Team Endurance based on their reading of David Almond's novel, Skellig. As you will see, the children really stepped up to the mark and produced some unbelievable, unique pieces of art. I am blown away by how good they are! Well done, Team Endurance! James
Click on the image above to take you to our virtual gallery!