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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Team Courage spelling test 3rd February 2020

Here are our spelling lists and games for our spelling test next week.  Have fun and enjoy!

Spellzone Spellzone
Download Group 2 list 14 Download Group 3 list 14

St Clements Church Christingle Service

A very warm welcome greeted the lower school choir this Sunday at St Clements Church. Children and their families were invited to join prayers, singing and a celebration of the final Sunday of Christmas. The uplifting service, with four of our children reading prayers and the choir singing two of our production songs, ended with the lighting of the Christingle candle. The choir really did Kilburn Junior School proud. Thank you to all parents, grandparents and children and to Sheila and the church congregation for making us all feel so welcome. 

Christingles at St Clements

Boys and girls  from years 3 and 4 joined the congregation at St Clements church in Horsley this morning to take part in a special Christingle service.

The children sang beautifully throughout the service and read prayers with real confidence.

Thank you for your attendance and for the support from parents too.


Courage Fri TB - Cremation

There was a somber mood in the wood today as some of the children prepared to cremate the deceased wasp we found under the log pile last week.

Flowers made, we set too constructing and decorating the funeral pyre - the children even found a split hazel-nut shell to use as a coffin!

We made a circle around the construction and each of us said a nice thing about the wasp. Freddy then tapped the ceremonial staff three times and the fire was lit.

Understandably, emotions were high, but we feel we gave the wasp a respectful send off. 

Other children continued with instruments or made mud cakes which we used for the wasp's wake. 



Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to the recipients of our English Star Award this week. You have all worked really well, especially those who have written invites for our forthcoming Environmental Gallery. Well done also Charlie and Fearne for your hard work and positive attitude in school and for exemplifying many of the YOU22 attributes. 

Team Discovery and Team Equality were joint attendance winners this week, each scoring 98%. I hope you enjoyed your extra free time!


2019 & 2020 Futsal Champions!

A group of 7 y5/6 pupils went to Alfreton Leisure Centre tonight and finished as champions! They played 5 intense games, including a closely matched final to finish off the competition, without conceding a single goal. There were some amazing passes, blocks and goals, but most of all the girls showed great sportsmanship and determination. They played really well as a team, no matter which players were on the pitch and respected each other throughout. A big thank you to parents for your support and especially to Mr Storey too for supporting the children before and during the matches too!


Endeavour TB - Final Class Testing

As with Equality and Endurance, teams had ~70 mins to complete their shelters before testing.

Several teams had a great deal to do but the deadline seemed to give them the umph they needed to get the job done. 

After testing, Team Lorenzo, Felicity and Lewis were crowned victorious...but did they score enough points to topple Team Nelly and Co (Equality) from top spot? I'll announce placements in Assembly tomorrow...nail biting stuff, I know!

Thanks to parents for support with bits through the process. 

Collage 2020-01-23 14_27_28

Collage 2020-01-23 14_25_39

Endurance TB - Bombs Away

The morning arrived to test the would they stack up against shrapnel, sudden loading and shock wave?

After 70 mins of finishing construction, we  gathered round the fire and reflected on the whole design process - the children were great at identifying the strengths their peers had brought to proceedings.

Testing begun, and after 20 tense minutes our winners were crowned...Team Alfie L, Scarlet, Ashton, Freya and Elexius; the strength of their triangular-based-prism design proved too sturdy to defeat in testing.

They came in with 55 points, a mere 3 behind the winners in Equality - how will Endeavour fair tomorrow?

Again, thanks to parents for support with bits for the challenge. 

Gold Stars: Alfie L (Positive Attitude, Perseverent)

Collage 2020-01-22 15_35_21

Collage 2020-01-22 15_39_36

What does this say?

Any ideas? 

Collage 2020-01-22 15_40_43

Ellie and Fearne- Climate Change Ambassadors

Inspired by their Environmental topic and the study of  Greta Thunberg, our very own Climate Change Ambassadors, Ellie and Fearne have been busy producing outstanding work at home to raise awareness of important issues. Please take a close look and consider their message.