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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Latest Coronavirus Guidance

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Please also see our school risk assessment listed on the policies section of this website.


This week in TB - WC 03/05/21

We've had a big science focus in TB this week, looking at food-webs with US and classification in LS.

Collage 2021-05-04 18_02_59

LS children had to study ten minibeasts found in our school pond, agree their key features and then, using a Field Studies Council guide, identify what they all were. Children were brilliant at this, demonstrating critical thinking and negotiation within their teams.

Collage 2021-05-04 18_04_23

US children explored ecosystems and took on the form of different organisms found within the Antarctic marine environment. We linked predator and pray with wool, and discussed how humans impacted on the balance of a food Web, for example, by harvesting krill.

Collage 2021-05-05 12_54_57

In the wood, children then made food webs for KJS's own aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem - they had to forage resources to create representations for the different creatures - lots of Organisation, Creativity and Collaboration needed here!

Collage 2021-05-06 12_52_09

A few other things were going on amongst this: some in US continued work on the Great Hall, cutting wood for furniture, constructing a fence, paving a path and designing leather banners for decoration; a few took to the mounds and unearthed more pottery, historic glass, glazed bricks and roof tiles; pond dipping; den building.

Collage 2021-05-07 17_20_05

Finally, huge thanks to Endeavour and Resilience who worked incredibly hard to tidy the TB site and load our log-store! 

Clara's Beautiful Work

Year 3 pupil Clara, always tries her best in everything she does and as can be seen from her beautifully presented work, her effort, hard work and positive attitude in school is achieving great results.

Keep it up Clara!


Achievement Assembly Winners

Despite it only being a four day week this week, the children have worked really hard and embraced all aspect of school life- particularly the Ancient Egyptian Day in the lower school.

Certificates were presented for excellence in mathematics and Headteachers Awards were presented for consistent hard work and positivity.

One Headteacher's Award was also presented for an amazing story written by Connor in Ancient Egyptian  hieroglyphs.


Inspiring Egyptians

Another great day in Team Resilience, studying all things Egyptian. We had a super session rewriting the last chapter of: 'There's a  Pharaoh in the Bath,' as a playscript; have used hieroglyphs in our number and artwork and may have smiled, posed and danced our way throughout the day!


Stepping back in Time

It has been an exciting Egyptian day in the Lower School. From pharaohs to princesses, gods with their slaves, and even camels and pyramids, what a brilliant effort to conclude our Ancient Egyptian topic!

Well done to you all. We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.



Our Viking Video Continues to Impress

Our recent video of our Viking funeral is causing quite a stir on the internet. After sending the video to the author of this term's book, Dr Janina Ramirez, we have been receiving loads of praise from the 'Twittersphere'. It's really lovely that people from all over the country have recognised what a special place our school is!


Here are just a few of the lovely messages that we have recieved!

Tweet 3
Tweet 3
Tweet 3

Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

A huge congratulations to the all the upper school children who received awards in today's achievement assembly. Well done for all your hard work and thank you for being excellent role models to the younger children in the school!


Viking Art

This afternoon, the children have begun carving their Viking Runestones. 

Here is Baileigh's! Baileigh

This week in Trailblazer - 26/04/21

A fine week in TB focusing on the Water Cycle in LS and Flowering Plants / Pollination in US.

Collage 2021-04-27 16_18_58

Children were given the opportunity to explore these ideas through music / drama, paint and collage. 

Collage 2021-04-28 14_40_04

Collage 2021-04-26 15_18_31

We had to use a lot of our YOU22 skills, particulaly Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving and Confident - staff were pleased to see unexpected children shining brightly within their teams, making wonderful contributions, and were additionaly warmed by the frequency with which children rewarded the efforts of their peers with pins!

Collage 2021-04-27 12_39_57

Collage 2021-04-29 13_37_15

A little sideline was continuation of the work on the Great Hall - gable ends are now complete, shingles are all installed, gargoils have been added and mini decorative shields made and fixed to the internal framework - we intend to add a fence, furniture and mannequins dressed as vikings next week and, once finished, light a fire in the hearth!

Collage 2021-04-30 13_01_14

We've also continued work excavating the soil mounds on the field - they've turned up Victorian pottery, fossils, roof tiles, decades old glass and two incredible vulcanite bottle tops perhaps dating from the late 1800s (we wondered if they were ones Mr Hull had discarded when he were a lad). 

Collage 2021-04-26 12_25_30

Achievement Assembly Winners

Another successful week in school concluded with today's Achievement Assembly when the boys and girls were recognised by their teacher for their hard work in English.

There were also certificates presented to children showing a positive attitude in school and to those who have gone the 'extra-mile' this week.

Annabelle also skillfully played the piano to welcome the children into the hall.