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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Equality TB - Spuds

Split session due to the cycling today. 

We undertook the potato challenge and, as with yesterday's group, creativity was flowing in the wood - check out the piccis and see what your kiddy wink was upto. 

Collage 2019-03-21 14_15_41 Collage 2019-03-21 14_14_04

Year 6 Environmental Scientists

Our year 6 pupils have been investigating electrical circuits and different electrical components using our new Hot Wires kits.

Some children have been exploring the energy generated from a windmill, testing sail size and position with an electrical fan and using a multimeter to record the electricity generated. All very fascinating.

Next time they will be comparing solar panels and windmills to see which are most effective- fingers crossed for a windy, sunny day!

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Year 3 Modelling and Programming

Our year 3 pupils enjoyed working in the spring sunshine this afternoon, building and programming Lego WeDo models to perform different tasks.

They enjoyed the challenge of following plans and solving construction problems before making their model come alive.



Fantastic Gymnastics

Yesterday these fantastic Year 3/4 gymnasts took part in a school sport partnership competition in Alfreton. They tackled the vault with style, showed their self control in the body management routine and performed their fantastic floor exercise routines. They worked really well as a team and showed great sportsmanship! Well done ladies and thank you to all parents who supported the children too! EJ


Discovery TB - Pomme De Terre

Thanks for the spuds. 

We started with a spud throwing challenge which tested the children's communication and organisation - there's some great throwers and catchers in Discovery! 

We then introduced the potato challenge and found a quiet spot in the wood to consider what we were going to do - the children found this peaceful time very relaxing. 

Then to work...and how creative they were! Check out the photos and ask your kiddy-wink to explain! 

Most YOU22 pins today were for Creative, Safety Conscious and Precise - did your child get any pins? 

Next week - the marriage of Mr and Mrs Potato, lead by our very own preacher, Blayze! 

Collage 2019-03-20 11_59_49 Collage 2019-03-20 12_01_21 Collage 2019-03-20 12_02_31


Looking good on the road Y5. Excellent effort all round.


Courage TB - Responsibility

We started with a staged tidy-up of the wood...who would be able to find the missing items? The children were great seekers, and used their skills well at the end of the session when it came to squaring things away.

We had a fire in TBHQ and embedded the new safety rules and then had a look at the new YOU22 display - the children used the board well and by the end we had lots of pins in different attributes. 

After assembly, we had bug hunters, munchkin-weapon makers, tree-spirit sculptors and canopic pot makers, all rounded off with a lovely hot chocky! 

Collage 2019-03-15 13_52_27

Collage 2019-03-15 13_53_49

Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to our Mathematic's Stars of the week for their hard work and progress in Mathematics, especially in their problem solving and reasoning.

Well done also to James for his amazing electrical circuit game, for this you won the Headteacher's Award.


Team Courage Spelling Test 22nd March

Here are our spelling lists and games for our spelling test next week (22nd March).  Please practice as many times as possible to earn your spelling stars certificate for this half term.  Have fun! Mr Gordon.


Spellzone Spellzone Spellzone Spellzone
Group 1:  See the link above for your spelling list Download Group 2b list 19 Download Group 2 list 19 Download Group 3 list 19

Equality TB - Spidar The Boneless

We started with a bug hunt to see how our mini-beasts were coping with the cold after the warm-spell - we found a fair selection, including a spider with two deformed legs; we wondered if this was the reincarnation of the famous viking warrior Ivor The Boneless who had a similar disability!

We then split up with children modeling clay, undertaking tool work, rehearsing drama, composing music and pulling in woodland jobs. 

We introduced the new YOU22 display, and Molly, Bella and Arthur we proud to be the first recipients of the coveted Gold-Star-Award. 

Collage 2019-03-14 14_58_08 Collage 2019-03-14 14_56_54