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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all of our Achievement Assembly winners. You have all been recognised by your teachers for your hard work and effort in Mathematics over the last two weeks. Also, a special well done to our Year 6 pupils for their hard work, effort and positive attitude during SATs week this week. For this, you earned the Headteacher's Award this week!


Courage TB - Poppy's Birthday

We found out today that it was Poppy's birthday soon, so some of the children decided to make her a lovely cake...out of mud!

Before this, we played hide and seek before moving on to a team version of the game - we focused in on the rules and discussed why having rules was important. 

After this, aside from the cake making, we had a group looking at safe fire construction, with other groups commencing their James Brunt themed art creations.

Collage 2019-05-17 12_37_36

Collage 2019-05-17 12_38_39

Team Courage Spelling Test 24th May

Here are our spelling lists and activities for the final spelling test of this half term.  Have fun!  Mr Gordon.


Spellzone Spellzone Spellzone Spellzone
Group 1: See above for your spelling list Download Group 2b list 25 Download Group 2 list 25 Download Group 3 list 25

Equality TB - experimentation

We started with a challenge which had us standing on the benches, getting into birth-date order...without using our voices.  We needed skilful non-verbal Communication and oodles of Collaboration.

After this, we experimented with paint, producing large pieces with the paint being applied in creative ways - my favourite was paint-laden string being whipped across the paper...very effective. Great Collaboration and Inquisitiveness here. 

To finish, we had tool use, craft, rope work and construction.  Congratulations to Ashton and Harvey who finished their chair today.

Collage 2019-05-16 12_55_35

Collage 2019-05-16 12_56_53

Discovery TB - printing with paint

After our yoga, nature, story starter, we explored printing using paint. We used body parts along with things from around the wood to make different prints on paper. The children were very Inquisitive, Collaborative and Creative, and the finished collages looked amazing. 

Following this, some undertook tool work while others continued craft activities or built and decorated a stage.  

Top find of the day was a beautiful little robin egg, indicating we have a robin nesting somewhere in the wood - maybe in one of the bird boxes made by the children last year!

Collage 2019-05-15 13_20_50 Collage 2019-05-15 13_19_36

Team Courage Spelling Test 17th May

Here are the spelling lists and games for our spelling test next Friday (17th May). Have fun learning your words and good luck!  

Mr Gordon.


Spellzone Spellzone
Group 1: see above for your list Download Group 2b list 24 Download Group 2 list 24 Download Group 3 list 24


Shipley Mead - Young People's Forest

Wow! An amazing day at Shipley was had by all. Led by volunteers from the Woodland Trust, members of Team Endeavour participated in the launch event for The Young People's Forest. Children gathered materials to make their own dream-catchers before Tallulah and Josh confidently acted as newshounds, interviewing guests in front of a 200 strong audience!

Ellie-Rose and Autumn planted one of the first trees with our friends from Smalley and proudly christened it, The Federation Tree. Finally, Alfie displayed his wonderful fractions knowledge by cutting the ceremonial cake into the exact number of required pieces. It tasted good too!

Shipley 1 Shipley 2

Courage TB - Nature Hunt

We started with a sit round the fire in TBHQ where we discussed our first challenge - a nature hunt. In teams, children found ten items and put them in a bag...they then swapped bags with another team and had to find matching items! The children were very Inquisitive and Determined and most found all of their treasure!

After this, we had a hot chocky and story in TBHQ, followed by mud cup-cake making, fire skills and a look at the artwork of James Brunt. 

We finished with a look at Tutan-fish-moon - the mummy from our Egyptian burial - the children were curious to see how he would look now, two months after his mummification. Turns out he still looks and smells great!

Collage 2019-05-10 15_31_56

Equality TB - variety

We started with a nature treasure hunt - eight items to see, remember and find in the woods in the quickest time...Precision and Collaboration were the order of the day and team Jobe / Alfie just managed to squeese a victory after two girls collected the wrong species of catkin! Nail biting stuff! 

We then pursued our own interests - tree planting, fire making, craft, tool work and nature hunting. 

Collage 2019-05-09 12_29_28

Collage 2019-05-09 12_30_48



Achievement Assembly Winners!

Well done to all of our achievement assembly winners! You have all been recognised by your teachers for your hard work and effort in English over the last two weeks. Also, well done to Harvey for earning the Headteacher's Award this week!