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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Mini Leaders

Our Mini Leaders were very excited to take receipt of their new sweatshirts.

The talented team organise activities for pupils at break and lunchtimes to encourage pupils to be physically active and socially interactive.


Achievement Assembly Winners

Congratulations to the boys and girls receiving awards for their hard work and positivity throughout the week.


This week in TB - WC 14/04/24

What mixed weather we have had this week!  Full credit to the resilience of Endurance on Monday morning who endured a strong westerly wind, hail, rain...I think I was the coldest I have ever been in TB!


Lower school are looking into cacao production this term, so, as most of our cacao comes from Ghana, we have have started sessions with a reading challenge linked to Ghanian animals. 


Pictures of 13 animals native to Ghana...13 written descriptions...the children had to match the written description to the right animal and then record an interesting fact about each - did you know that the Patas Monkey is a faster sprinter than Usain Bolt!

During the above challenge, we found two letters from told us about leaf-cutter goblins stripping leaves from our wood and the other was a request for a playground for the newly hatched munchlings!


Following our hot t'yocky, we undertook the following challenges: make the faces of tree-spirits on the trees to scare away the leaf-cutter goblins; make a munchling playground; create clay tiles of the footprints of Ghanian animals; add clay to the walls of the stone-age roundhouse.  


Upper School have started their sessions with a poetry challenge - we read and commented on a selection of Spring poetry before learning to craft our own line of poetry including determiners, nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.  Once written, we each read our line to the rest of the class!


Following this, children undertook challenges linked to their topic: the Maya.  Two groups worked on making a version of the Maya sword, the macuahuitl (pronounced: mac-wah-wittle), and others learned about the structure of typical Maya cities before having a go at making some of the structures found within them.  



This week in TB - WC 25/03/24

Most groups started sessions this week with an exciting game of Baby Bird.  Male birds had to attract a mate and then work with their partner to build a nest, into which they placed three eggs.  While protecting these eggs, they had to venture out into the wood and collect insects (pasta spirals) to feed their young when they hatched.  


Sounds like a lovely, calm game eh?  But then came the marauding magpies...attacking the nests and trying to steal the eggs - partner birds had to become aggressive in order to scare off the invaders...but would they be scary enough?


At the end of the game, performance was scored as follows - 10 points per retained egg and 1 point for each insect collected - how did your child do?


Lower school then carried on with their Roman themed work - some finished maces, others worked on the fort with a few finishing LL boards.  Also, we had groups taking the treats parents kindly sent in to set up Easter Egg Hunts (EEHs) - we enjoyed these treats at the end of our session!


Upper School children likewise carried on with their Greek themed work - rota boards are now finished, more children have experienced the food from The Odyssey and a few have started a wooden collage of the Trojan horse.  


Finally, a 'big-up' to the actors in Endurance who performed the scenes they had written for The Odyssey - they presented these to the rest of the class at the end of their session and they were magnificent - super confident!  They even used the boat kindly donated by The Browns as Odysseus' ship - genius!


Huge thanks to parents for sending the little treats in for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Happy Easter one and all...

Playground Resurfacing

It's been a busy few days at school and the girls and boys have been excited to see the playground resurfacing by Johnson Surfacing.


Achievement Assembly Winner

Wow, what a week in school! Not only have the children worked incredibly hard again and shown an incredible attitude to learning, but for the first time this year they have been playing on the grass at lunchtime- mass hysteria!

In today's assembly, the children received awards for demonstrating our YOU22 attributes and were recognised by the teachers for their hard work in writing, in particular the lower school's focus on their book Escape from Pompeii. William also proved that with hard work and regular practice he is capable of 100% in his weekly spelling test- what a super star!


The Easter Story

It was an absolute pleasure to take the year fives to Horsley Church this afternoon to listen to the Easter Story and complete five different activities. The children got to experience the last supper, think about hopes and dreams for the future and even share a little Easter treat! 


The Easter Story

It was an absolute pleasure to take the year fives to Horsley Church this afternoon to listen to the Easter Story and complete five different activities. The children got to experience the last supper, think about hopes and dreams for the future and even share a little Easter treat! 


This week in TB - WC 18/03/24

A real sense of spring in the wood this week: warmer temperatures, daffs in full bloom, a green-haze in the trees and tadpoles swimming in the pond!


Most classes started sessions this week with a development of last week's Sculpture Challenge - this week, groups had to make their own sculpture and then write a set of instructions for its construction - they gave these instructions to another group who had to try and follow them to make a matching sculpture.  


After construction, groups got together and shared thoughts on the quality and accuracy of the instructions, highlighting any ambiguities - we scored our efforts out of 16 and discussed reasons why accuracy was so important when writing a set of instructions.  

As a little alternative starter, Courage undertook the Alphabet Challenge (collect objects from around the wood that start with all the letters of the alphabet!  My favorite was a large worm for 'W') and Disco Small learned techniques for sketching flowers before having a go at drawing one of our beautiful daffodils.     


Following this, Lower School continued with the Roman theme, with a new group tackling the fort, some finishing LL boards and others making garum and lentil stew.  New this week has been an exploration of Roman weapons and battle techniques - this has culminated in us starting to make Roman maces.  

Upper School have finished their Greek pottery and started / finished carving Rota boards in Plaster of Paris.  New this week has been writing playscripts and acting scenes from The Odyssey and cooking some of the food Odysseus and his men encountered on their journey.  


With the cooking, the children have prepared and sampled a banquet as follows: goat's cheese and bread from the Cyclops; beef Stifado (Greek stew) from Helios' cows on Thrinacia; grilled helumi, bread, honey, rasins and pomegranates from Circe; wine (grape juice), olives and Tzatziki from Calypso.  


There were a lot of new flavours, herbs and spices for the children to experience and the vast majority rose to the challenge and sampled all that was on offer - how nice to be able to explore the journey of this Greek King through food! 


Year 3 dodgeball competition

Recently, our year 3 children attended a dodgeball competition where they came second place! They also earned an honesty award for their brilliant playing and conduct. Well done Year 3!


Dodgeball 2