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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Y6 Leavers

A huge THANK YOU to our Y6 leavers for being such fantastic role models and for all of your hard work and dedication over the last four years at our school. We will truly miss you and please be sure to visit us in the future.


Year 6 Drum Hill Adventure

The boys and girls in year 6 enjoyed a final, fun-filled fling at Drum Hill, using and applying many of the skills they have developed at school, spending the night under canvas with friends and creating lasting memories of their time at school. 

Take a look:

Courage TB - Leaf Man

We focused on the book 'Leaf Man' today, written by Lois Ehlert.

After splitting into four groups, the children read the book and investigated the pictures, before deciding on ideas they wanted to explore further. 

We had some wonderfully Creative ideas, along with Precision and Confidence in execution.

At the end of the session, we walked round, hearing about the work the other children had undertaken. 

Collage 2019-07-11 14_03_57

Collage 2019-07-11 14_05_29


Go-Ride County Final

Yesterday our Go-Ride Cycling team represented Amber Valley in the Derbyshire School Games - County Finals in Sheffield, following their success in local races. They were competing against the best teams from across all nine districts of Derbyshire. 

Firstly, competing in the Italian pursuit, Team Kilburn unleashed a sprint finish to take 1st place with just one second separating them from the second placed team.

Finally, it was down to the team relay, a race which Kilburn had only ever lost once in the last six years. Kilburn made a good start and quickly began to gain ground and overtake the leading riders. Soon, the team's determination would pay off, as they took the lead on lap 3 and began to open up a gap from the rest of the field. Kilburn crossed the line a whole 4 seconds ahead of the next team, meaning Kilburn were pronounced 'Go-Ride Cycling County Champions 2019!' 

A huge well done to all of our Team and a special thank you to their parents for their support.

For a full list of results and more photos from the event, check out the Active Derbyshire Website .

County final 2019- group

Discovery TB - the Snow Dragon returns!

The children were shocked to find more snowy footprints and three more frozen Munchkins in the wood this morning - so they set too, making their own fearsome footprints to scare the Snow Dragon away!

After this, we had car finishers, actors, decorators, bird burriers and shampoo / perfume blenders (thanks to parents for the bottles).

It was a wonderfully purposeful session, with a heap of pins being given out - these children are quickly becoming incredibly Independent, Dependable and Self-Motivated.

Collage 2019-07-10 12_00_31

Collage 2019-07-10 12_01_55

Trailblazer Tragedy

Tragedy struck our Year 6 Trailblazers last week, leaving them desperately needing to pull together in order to survive.

Would they live to tell the tale?  Click on the link below to see what happened-

Year 4 Camp out

The children have had another wonderful time at tonight's camp out- a great way to make memories, watching the sun go down through Trailblazer HQ and spending a warm night under canvas with friends- a perfect end to a busy week.


Courage TB - Snow Dragon

We entered the wood to find a letter, a track of Snow Dragon footprints and, devastatingly, three frozen munchkins!

The letter explained what had occurred and challenged us to help, which we gladly did! We had lots of exceptional Creativity and Collaboration, with all children working with Precision. Hopefully, the new, fake footprints will trick the Snow Dragon and it will be many years before he returns. 

After a hot chocky and a dragon story, we split into our usual four groups, with some making frames, others experimenting with walkie-talkies, a few continuing work on friendships and collaborating in the use of a bow-saw and a final bunch making a giant bird. 

Many pins were given out - how many did your child get? 

Collage 2019-07-05 12_46_37

Collage 2019-07-05 12_48_26

Endurance TB - KilburnAir Survival Challenge

The Y6 arrived at school today to find no teachers, just a note informing them they had won a trip to South Africa! They were instructed to get their passports, collect a ticket and get to flight check-in by 09:10.

At KilburnAir check-in, they were greeted by the delightful Kirsty, who took food orders, checked passports and issued seat numbers. 

Passengers were taken aboard the Boeing 737TBHQ by the handsome stewardess Gary, who saw them to their seats before offering pre-flight refreshments.

Captain Paul saw them through safety brief and take off...but then...a terrible explosion over Botswana...a torn-apart fuselage...crew savaged by lions...blood everywhere. Could the children possibly make it...alone?

Collage 2019-07-04 15_26_09

Collage 2019-07-04 15_24_37

Collage 2019-07-04 15_23_32

Discovery TB - Shampoo

We started things with a mindfulness activity before getting stuck into our usual starters. 

After this, we found a letter from Poppy and this prompted some children to make shampoo and others to make a play about the day a pigeon pooped on Poppy's head (big up here to all the performers, but special mention to Martha who has astounding acting presence!).

While this was going on, other children continued work on the relaxation area (thanks for the wool etc) with others continuing tool work. 

Collage 2019-07-03 12_55_51