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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Return to White Hall

Some of our pupils  had the chance to visit the White Hall Centre again this week to take part in outdoor activities and  a film about the history of the centre and its impact on young people.

Despite a murky start, the White Hall glamping field proved a big hit, with its spectacular sunset and calling curlews.

Thank you Mr Walters for your help and support during the visit and for your perfect piloting of the drone.



Return to White Hall

Some of our pupils visited the White Hall Centre again this week to engage in outdoor activities and appear in a film about the history of the centre.

The White Hall glamping field proved a big hit with its spectacular sunset and calling curlews.

Thank you Mr Walters for your help and support during the visit and for your perfect piloting of the drone.


Endurance TB - This and That

We started with a speed nature-hunt, where the children had to find 10 objects as quickly as they could - congrats to Ellia who was our winner! 

After this, we played school-grounds-wide hide and seek, with two teams of seekers.  At first, the children found the rules challenging as they called for Communication and Collaboration, but on our second attempt the YOU22 attributes were very much in evidence. 

After this we had artists, tilers, den builders, fire starters and monkey bar makers. 

Many pins were given out and it was a lovely session all round! 

Collage 2019-06-20 11_52_33

Collage 2019-06-20 11_53_52


Discovery TB - Demons

Crikey - Poppy tells us there are frozen demons in the wood, buried by the munchkins many years ago, that are thawing due to all the rain! According to Nelly, these demons use pipes to suck the happiness out of the munchkins while they sleep, leaving miserable munchkins who the goblins hope will leave the wood! Poppy asked for our help and some of the children were keen to do so!

After our usual starter, some children cracked on helping Poppy while others undertook tool work, made nests, painted and carried on creating our reflection area. 

Many pins were given out, and we had a lovely discussion afterwards about what these were for. 

We also discovered today that Mrs Parkin should never be employed as a Barista.

Collage 2019-06-19 11_54_39

Collage 2019-06-19 11_55_57

Team Equality Spellings

Click on the owl to follow the spellzone link to help you learn the homophones on List 28 through quizzes and games. Children will have their spelling test on Friday 21st June,

Spelling owl

Endurance TB - Potato Challenge

We started with a fire in TBHQ and a discussion about the Potato Challenge - this challenge requires Creativity and, after sharing initial ideas, the juices were flowing and the children were off.

Following a mid-morning discussion about equipment and the need to be respectful and responsible with it, we tidied up before getting stuck into our individual projects - fire lighting, art, cooking, film making, den-construction and craft.

Collage 2019-06-13 14_50_43

Collage 2019-06-13 14_52_02

Discovery TB - a bit o' tiling

On a calm but drizzly morn, we sat in a smoky TBHQ and introed the Chick game. In the game, the children were awsome and proved themselves to be highly committed parents when defending their young (I'm still slightly deaf 4 hours later!).

After a hot chocky, we then got stuck into tiling the concrete cross, tool work, nest building, painting, pie baking and reflection-area construction.

At the end of the session, we reflected on how pins had been distributed, with children sharing the reasons they had received theirs.

Collage 2019-06-12 15_37_42

Collage 2019-06-12 15_38_33

Endeavour TB - Chicks Game

As it was raining, we decided to start with the Chicks game - the children paired up, made nests, added chicks, prepared mobbing and alarm call strategies and finally hid insects. The four magpies then descended and the game began.

After the game, the children identified Collaboration, Communication, Confidence and Creativity as the main YOU22 attributes needed. 

There were some stand-out performances with Ellie and Tyler taking the title. 

After a hot chocky and bicci in TBHQ (thanks Mrs Parkin), we pursued our own interests with cake making, tree planting, den building, games and fire making.

Collage 2019-06-11 17_17_53

Collage 2019-06-11 17_18_57

Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all of our Achievement Assembly winners.

You have all been recognised by your teachers for your hard work and effort in English over the last two weeks.

Also, a special well done to Sam for his hard work, effort and positive attitude in school and Gabriel, who has settled into life at Kilburn brilliantly since joining us recently- you have astounded us with the progress you have made. For this, you earned the Headteacher's Award this week!


Roundhouse Camp MKII

On a rainy evening, camp was pitched, the zip-wire was recommissioned and a fire was lit.

Fish and chips were enjoyed with a steaming mug of tea as the rain beat down on TBHQ's tin roof.

The weather didn't dampen our spirits and after tea we did some fire lighting followed by games of Lurgie and rounders. 

In the night Matt reported hearing a growling beast near the tents and he heroically locked himself in his Land Rover until the danger had passed - in the morning, investigation revealed no clues as to the identity of the creature. 

Breakfast was cooked on an open fire before decamping by 09:00.

Well done girls for organising the event and for showing resilience in challenging conditions. Thanks to parents for supporting. 

Collage 2019-06-08 09_40_27

Collage 2019-06-08 09_41_46