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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

A lovely sight

Mr Hull cut his morning nap short this week to spend some quality time reading with pupils as they arrived at school.

Why not join him next week and have a read with your child in the beautiful morning sun-light? 

Collage 2020-09-18 15_16_38

This week in Trailblazer

Lower School have been foraging for fruits, nuts and berries and making mini Mr Stinks to go in some model shelters we plan to make for him next week.

The children have been well focused and are earning plenty of YOU22 pins, additionally remembering their responsibilities in regard to the TB Lore (ask them about Munch). 

Collage 2020-09-18 14_45_53

Collage 2020-09-15 15_43_12

Collage 2020-09-14 15_51_05

Collage 2020-09-14 12_53_50

Upper school found a letter from Flame requesting a bridge over the TB pond - it blocks the route they take on their annual pilgrimage to Munchtopia - a massive coincidence here that they happen to be studying bridges as part of their Victorians topic; what are the chances! 

We got the ball rolling by looking at models of bridges made by previous Y6 classes, before identifying and practicing skills needed in their construction - some awesome tool use here. 

Special thanks here to Mr Hull who joined us for a session, dazzling the children with his exceptional DIY skills. 

Collage 2020-09-17 11_52_10

Collage 2020-09-17 11_51_11

Collage 2020-09-16 22_03_01

Collage 2020-09-15 12_33_02

Team Courage Spelling Practice

Team courage were really engrossed in their computing lesson this afternoon, using Spellzone to practise this week's words .

Great independence team- don't forget to have a go at home by clicking on the photograph below.


Achievement Assembly Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of awards in this morning's Special Achievement Assembly.

Across the school, the children have worked really hard this week and have shown a really positive attitude again.

Headteacher's Special Awards were also presented to one child from each team.


Understanding characters' motivation and feelings

Today we discussed a dilemma that Oliver was facing in our novel, Oliver Twist. The children considered how Oliver might be feeling and discussed reasons for and against him running away  from the Sowerberry house to go to London and avoid heading back to the workhosue. We recorded our ideas in a table in our English books and then took part in a conscience alley. The children split in to two groups and had to try and encourage Oliver to choose their option. It was great to see the children being so enthusiastic and speking with confidence!


Oliver - conscience alley

Achievement Assembly Winners

After a lovely first full week back in school we held our first Achievement Assembly with the lower school group in which we celebrated some of the children's successes and achievements this week.

The children were recognised by their teachers for their hard work in mathematics and English and six Headteacher's Special Awards were also awarded- a fitting end to a really positive week.


Endurance, Equality & Discovery TB

As with children earlier in the week, we undertook work with Mr Stink (who gave us quite a scare this morning) and looked at aspects of Health and Safety. 

It's been impressive how the children have settled back into things so well and the TB team would like to thank parents for supporting children to ensure they have the right gear for their session.

Here are a few piccis showing what we've been upto:

Collage 2020-09-09 17_56_35

Collage 2020-09-10 15_07_21

Collage 2020-09-11 13_01_24

Team Courage Spelling test 25th September

Here are your spelling lists and games for our spelling test next week.  To see the specific list and activities for your child, please visit our Google Classroom.

Spellzone Spellzone
Download Group 1 list 2 Download Group 2 list 2

Art outdoors!

This afternoon, Team Equality have begun to explore some of William Morris' designs. Morris was a prominent figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. He designed wallpaper and fabric to allow people to bring nature in to their homes.

As it was such a lovely day, we thought we would go outside to begin out artwork. The Y5 and Y6 children showed great focus and resilience and I'm sure their final efforts will be brilliant! Keep it up team!

WM outside


Courage, Resilience & Endeavour TB - What a Stink!

You wouldn't believe it! Lower school children entered the wood for their first TB sessions to find non-other than Mr Stink fast asleep on one of our benches! I mean, what a massive coincidence - Mr Stink the topic in the class room and then we find him in our wood! 

After a good poke he awoke and stayed with us in the wood. He turned out to be a wonderfully engaging and kind gentleman and seemed to relish the opportunity to spend time answering our questions. 

We compared our lives to that of Mr Stink and reflected on how grateful we should be for the things we have. 

The children decided they wanted to do something kind for Mr Stink so we came up with a few ideas for the coming weeks. 

Upper school children had a 'Safety Conscious, Creative, Collaborative' focus for their session, looking at risk and the six aspects of TB lore. 

Here, we had stand-out examples of the YOU22 attributes, with several Gold Stars being awarded. 

PS. Forgive the 'silly' faces...they show the joy felt when one enjoys a long-overdue TB hot t'yocky.

Collage 2020-09-08 16_22_44

Collage 2020-09-08 16_21_42

Collage 2020-09-08 16_19_27

Collage 2020-09-07 14_32_20