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Team Resilience

Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to the recipients of certificates in today's Achievement Assembly. Another positive week in school ended with the children recognised by their teacher for their hard work in Maths this week.



Lower School trip to Bosworth Battlefield

Last Thursday and Friday, our Lower School children walked in the footsteps of King Richard III and King Henry VII when we visited Bosworth battlefield.  

We learned about the events of that day, the men who fought in the battle and the weapons that were used.  We even took part in a training exercise led by a member of the fantastic team of volunteers who helped to make this one of our most memorable trips to date.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the children who represented our school superbly and to our staff and parent helpers who did a great job in helping the day run as smoothly as possible.

Please take some time to look at a selection of photographs below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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Resilience Rewarded!

Team R. celebrated filling their marble jar, after all their hard work this half-term, with a Teddy Bears' picnic in our beautiful courtyard garden.

The weather was kind to us and we were able to enjoy some sunshine, share stories about our bears, and of course ... eat cake!



Stepping back in Time

It has been an exciting Egyptian day in the Lower School. From pharaohs to princesses, gods with their slaves, and even camels and pyramids, what a brilliant effort to conclude our Ancient Egyptian topic!

Well done to you all. We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.



Laya's Fairy Garden

Yesterday, after completing her school work ( and presenting it beautifully too! ) Laya created her own fairy garden and has left in the woods for everyone to enjoy. See if you can spot it when you are out and about on one of your walks!


Team Resilience Creative Writers

This week in Team Resilience, we have continued to read  Bill's New Frock and our writing task was to produce an advert for the 'Wumpy Choo'. This was not a fluffy toy or pet dog as Bill once thought, it was actually a one penny chew! Who knew sweets were so cheap in the 1980s when the book was written?

After a planning session and working on our persuasive writing techniques, here is just a sample of our tasty work. Enjoy!




The Kilburn Junior School Time Capsule

This afternoon, our Lower School children left the comfort of their classrooms to dig up a long forgotten Time Capsule. The Time Capsule - buried in 2012 as part of our celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - had laid undisturbed for 8 years.  We held our breath as it was finally unearthed.

In a scene reminiscent of an episode of Time Team, we eagerly awaited to see if the contents had survived being buried for almost a decade.  Luckily, we weren't disappointed.

If you want to see what we found, click on the link below to view the gallery.  


Remembrance Day 2020

At 11 O'Clock this morning, our Lower School children observed a minutes silence to mark this year's remembrance day.  To mark the occasion, children from Team Courage read a selection of poetry that they have written in class, whilst children from Team Discovery read from a list of names present on the Kilburn war memorial.

We will remember them.

Remembrance Day 2020

What a wonderful way to start the day!

This is Team Resilience working away at five minutes past nine this morning. It's brilliant to see so many enthusiastic early birds, all eager to read and engage with their learning from the moment they arrive. Keep up the great work everyone, that marble jar is looking incredibly full again!


Resilience: Partners in Cuisenaire

Incredible investigations by Team Resilience this morning, using their knowledge and understanding of repeated addition and multiplication calculations. We are sure you will agree, our use of Cuisenaire looks cool too! 


Well done, everyone! Keep up the good work.