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School Meals

Meals at Kilburn Junior School are freshly prepared in our school kitchen daily and cost £2.40 per day.

We provide 3 meal options per day, made up of a main hot meal, a vegetarian option and a combination option which is normally either a chicken wrap or jacket potato with a choice of side.

Parents are asked to pay for their children’s school meals through the secure online website ‘ParentPay’. You will be provided with details for you to securely log on to this website when your child starts at school and this login remains the same during your child's time with us.

Pupils staying for schools meals or sandwiches are not allowed to leave the school premises and are expected to behave sensibly in the care of the mid-day supervisors.

Free School Meals are available for parents who meet certain criteria, including the receipt of state benefits. Anyone who may qualify for Free School Meals should contact the school office for further information. Free School Meals are a statutory right and it is important that all parents/carers who qualify take up their child’s entitlement so that they can receive a free school meal each day. Information is treated sensitively and confidentially and the school office will be more than happy to advise you if you are unsure whether you are entitled.

Further information on the entitlement to free school meals and an application form can be found on Derbyshire County Council’s website.

Full menus for the Autumn Term (4th September 2023 - 22nd December 2023) can be found below:

Week 1 Menu - Autumn 2023

Week 2 Menu - Autumn 2023

Week 3 Menu - Autumn 2023

Week list - Autumn 2023

Full menus for the Spring Term (8th January 2024 - 28th March 2024) can be found below:

Week 1 Menu - Spring 2024

Week 2 Menu - Spring 2024

Week 3 Menu - Spring 2024

Week list - Spring 2024

Parents are requested to set up a free account with Relish School Meals which enables you to pre-book school meals for your children up to a term in advance. We are keen to pursue this moving forward as pre-booking meals ensures you know what meal your child will be served on any given day. The below leaflet briefly outlines some of the advantages of having an online account.

Parent Login Form

Create your free parent login at:

It is important to note that whilst we always do our best to provide the meal planned for the day, due to ongoing supply issues, on occasion this may need to be amended. We will always strive to provide meals as close to the existing planned menu as we possibly can.

If you would like any information about our school meal provision or would like to discuss anything in relation to your child's dietary requirements, please call the school office and ask for Charlene Hudson (Business Manager) or Rebecca Atkins (Catering Supervisor).School Catering Team - Positionblank44