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School Meals

School dinners are provided at school. Meals cost £2 per day and are of a very high standard. We currently ask parents to pay for their children’s school meals through the secure online website ‘Parent Pay’ (a link to which can be found on the school wbsite). You will be provided with details for you to securely log on to this website.

Pupils staying for dinners or sandwiches are not allowed to leave the school premises and are expected to behave sensibly in the care of the mid-day supervisors.

Free School Meals are available for parents who meet certain criteria including the receipt of state benefits. Anyone who may qualify for Free School Meals should contact the school office for further information. Free School Meals are a statutory right and it is important that all parents/carers who qualify take up their child’s entitlement so that they can receive a School meal each day.

Information on the entitlement to free school meals and an application form can be found on the Derbyshire County Council’s website: