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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Year 4 STEM project

As part of our science topic on rocks and soils, a group of children in Year 4 have been working on a project to build a working volcanic activity detector.  The brief involved using Lego WeDo to build and programme a working model that could warn people about an imminent volcanic eruption.  They had to work as a team, to evaluate and modify the programme so that it worked effectively.  In this video, three of our future engineers explain how they did it!  



Team Equality - Mrs Straw's spelling group

Click on the owls below to go to spellzone activities and games to help you learn your spellings for your test Friday.

Stage 3, List 4 List 7 & 8
Spelling owl Spelling owl

St Clement's Church

Many thanks to St Clement's Church, Horsley, for the lovely cards and treats they sent for the TBers who made the harvest festival decorations for the church foyer.

We look forward to enjoying the treats round the fire and to undertaking the new challenge you have set us!

Collage 2019-10-16 13_45_06

Endurance TB - Rafts

Today was our Raft Challenge - many thanks to parents for helping children with items for this.

The children split into groups and commenced construction - a full range of tools were used and the children had to show many YOU22 attributes with perhaps the most notable being Problem Solving. 

After the tidy up, we reflected on the skills we had personally shown and those we would work on next week. Finally, we discussed any additional kit we might need to complete the project. 

Collage 2019-10-16 11_57_59

Endeavour / Discovery TB - Party and Painting

Endeavour found a letter off Flame, asking for the children to prep for his 249th birthday! Some made stunning decorations, others musical instruments with another group making a party tent. A final group opted to write and perform a play reflecting our known history of the munchkins - they worked independently and our sneak preview was confidently performed! 

Disco looked at Stone Age art before experimenting with paint application techniques and making their own paint brushes - some used horse hair others feathers and grass. 

Collage 2019-10-15 12_29_32

Collage 2019-10-15 12_30_31

Collage 2019-10-15 16_43_53

Courage / Resilience TB - Paint Brushes

Linking to the Stone Age Topic, the children explored mark making with paint, before crafting their own paint brushes using sticks, string and horse hair - after a bit of fine tuning, they proved to be very effective!

As our supplier was unable to get any rabbits for today, we have postponed the cooking until hopefully next week - 1 group did however manage a test run on the stew minus the rabbit and it was delicious.

Collage 2019-10-14 21_32_12

Collage 2019-10-14 12_10_41

Collage 2019-10-14 12_11_38

Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy

On Friday, 15 of our children took part in a fantastic  Gymnastics Festival! The event was hosted by Amber Valley School Sports Partnership and involved having professional coaching by Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy on seven different pieces of gymnastics equipment including; trampolines, balance beams and the parallel bars. The children all showed great resilience and determination to have a go and never give up, even when the techniques were quite difficult.

Well done to everyone for representing our school so well and we look forward to attending more events like these!

If your child is interested in Gymnastics and you would like more information, please see Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy's website.

Mathmagicians in action!

As you can see from the image below, we use our wonderful wizards in class to help us develop our times table and division fact recall. 
Maths wizards in class
Remember you can use websites such as TTRockstars to help you practise these at home. Just click on the image below to take you to the website. Each child has their own username and their tables in the 'Garage' are set to help them prepare for the times table test they will be completing on Friday.


Team Equality Spellings

Take a look at the educational games and activities on Spellzone to help improve your spelling for this week's test.

List 6 - Miss Jennings' group
Spelling owl


Team Courage Spelling Test 21st October

Here are the spelling lists for our spelling test on 21st October.  Spellzone is still unavailable so I have just attached the lists this week.


Download Group 2 list 5

Download Group 3 list 5