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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Futsal champs!

Earlier this evening, we took a team of super stars to the Y5/6 Futsal competition. After an initial loss and some tight games, the team stepped up their intensity on efence and became more cohesive and clinical on offence. Eventually, with their hard work, they won the competition! The girls were a credit to our school, displaying good sportsmanship and great support for each other throughout. Well done! 


Achievement Assembly Winners

Congratulations to the children receiving certificates in today's Achievement Assembly for their effort and hard work this week, especially in mathematics.

Well done also to the children exemplifying our YOU22 Attributes too.


Achievement Assembly Winners

Congratulations to the children receiving certificates in today's Achievement Assembly for their effort and hard work this week, especially in mathematics.

Well done also to the children exemplifying our YOU22 Attributes too.


This week in TB - WC 15/01/24

Well, we've had a period of mourning in TB this week, for the great Mr Walters has moved on to pastures new.  At the beginning of the week, all the children wrote him a note sharing their favourite memory with him - I read all of these and they were truly heart warming; I think it's fair to say that Garry will be remembered most for his zany ways, taking on characters including Mr Stink, Greta (and the Giants), Munch, Bill (Smeds and Smoos), Vater Groshorn, Hiccup...the list goes on and on.  Thankyou Garry for your contribution to KJS and for being the icing on the TB cake - as several of the children put it, 'you were the magic down in the TB wood'.  


So, what's been going on this week?  Lower School have started sessions by undertaking a group performance of Greta and the Giants - these were incredible!  Children performed brilliantly, with many of them having learned their lines by heart!  Well done to all the children involved!



Following this, we undertook a range of exciting challenges: National Grid - linked to the Science topic, children learned about the National Grid before making a labelled model of it - they presented this to the rest of the class; Biome exploration - again, linked to Science, children looked at atlases and images of different biomes before making a world map detailing where different biomes are to be found.  French veg soup - we made a soup using nine of the veg we learned in French last week...while we were cooking, we were only allowed to refer to the ingredients by their French names!  We also used this as an opportunity to explore Food Miles - linking to the children's work on Climate Change;  Finally, some children explored emotions and how these can be felt through music.  We discussed how different ways of applying paint and different colours might be representative of certain moods / emotions.  We then played four different pieces of music and the children had to apply paint to paper in a way they felt represented the different pieces.  


Upper School started their sessions by making a sculpture.  Using Talk Partners, they recalled and discussed sculptures we looked at last week.  We then identified things we were passionate about, things that we felt needed to change in the world - we considered our feelings and knowledge about these things before designing a clever, semi-abstract sculpture to represent these.  


Once made, we moved round the sculptures, trying to decipher their meaning, before having the true meanings explained to us by the creator.  Staff were blown away by the maturity of the children during this challenge, and by their level of Social Awareness and passion for perceived injustices in the world.  


Following this, we had three undertakings: Biome exploration as per Lower School above; Ice Hammer and window frame manufacture (linked to the pond and the book children are currently studying); Sound-scape creation - considering what a sound scape is and then creating a chronological sound-scape to represent TB.  


AVSSP Futsal Champions

Congratulations to the year 6 boys who finished as Amber Valley Champions in tonight's Futsal Tournament.

Both teams played incredibly well, with a number of players making their debut, and after a nervy penalty shootout in the semis, Kilburn finished as overall winners.

Some great skills, solid defending and brilliant individual goals were on show tonight but teamwork yet again proved to be the key to their success.


Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to the boys and girls who received certificates in this morning's Achievement Assembly.

It has been an excellent week in school and great start to 2024.


This week in TB - WC 08/01/24

Brilliant to be be back in the wood - if a little chilly!  The wind has been coming from the north this week so we have all had to wrap up to keep warm - thanks to parents for making sure kiddy winks have had the right kit!


Even though it's been chilly, we have seen the first signs of Spring poking through: catkins on the hazel trees and daffodils and cuckoo-pint poking out of the earth.  

Lower School started their sessions this week with a class, they are learning the names of ten vegetables, so we thought we'd give them a head start...children had to go to ten locations, identify and count the number of vegetables there, and record their findings, in French, on their answer sheet - winners got the much loved Double Biccy Award (DBA).  


Following this, we read the book 'Greta and the Giants' before splitting into groups to create a dramatic representation of said book (it had been skillfully turned into a playscript by yours truly) - children acted with confidence and delivered lines with exceptional expression - a rumour is afoot that Discovery-Wednesday-Group (DWG) may even perform the play at the POTT assembly in Feb (watch this space!).  

Upper School likewise started their sessions with a French theme - they had to build a house, present its features to a partner in French, and then write a description of their partner's got French!  This was a practical recap of the work they had been doing with Mr Barber last term in the classroom (dans la classe).  


Following this, we had a hot chocky while finishing a short story we started last term about a grandfather whos merchant ship had been torpedoed in WWII - can your child remember anything about this harrowing tale?


We ended our sessions with a Sculpture Trail - children had to navigate a trail of 10 sculptures, initially verbally describing them to a blindfolded partner before together, trying to determine the theme of the piece - why had the artist made the sculpture?  What point were they trying to get across?


Children were mature in their discussions, communicating effectively with their partners.  At the end of the trail, we read the real descriptions of the sculptures and compared these to our interpretations.  

Super Scientists

What a great way to start the new term! A day devoted to super science and finding out about electricity and climate change.

Team Courage send a huge thank you to Mr Goodburn, whose expertise was utilised to bring the subject to life, exploring not only how we generate electricity but how carbon enters the atmosphere and impacts on the environment. We look forward to finding out how the role we play can have a positive impact on the world around us.


Super Science

Brain Tumour Research

The children were visited in this morning's assembly by Kerry Wilson, the Community Fundraiser from Brain Tumour Research, who presented certificates to Jasimne and Clara for their recent fundraising work. 

She talked to the children about the work undertaken by the charity in support of finding a cure for brain tumours and also about the support provided to families affected by this type of cancer. Opoopp

This week in TB - WC 18/12/23

This week has seen each class enjoy their annual TB Christmas Concert...and what belters they have been!


We have had a wonderful array of performances including: joke telling, singing, drama, poetry recital, story telling, music and magic!

Instruments played included: cornet, guitar (electric AND acoustic), flute, violin, recorder, piano and cello - children who played or sung an extended piece will gain a point towards their school music-award (ooooooh)!


As well as children's performances, staff also popped down to 'show off' their performance we had poetry, story telling, fluting, pianoing, corneting, singing and magic!  One of our magicians even pretended to be Rocky Balboa as he took to the stage (complete with robe and boxing gloves) - no one is really sure why he chose to do this, it didn't link in any way to Christmas, not even loosely, but it was non-the-less rather funny (in your head, play the Rocky theme tune here)!


Additionally, we undertook group sing-alongs to several Christmas classics - Away in a Manger, Silent Night, Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas...we finished with deafening renditions of the Trailblazer 12 Days of Christmas (can your child remember all 12 objects?)!

The children were confident to a man (or woman), performing exceptionally!  Huge thanks here to parents for supporting behind the scenes!  


Sessions finished with the eagerly anticipated TB Christmas Treasure Trail - 12 clues...mathematical problem solving to be applied...a final code to crack to figure out the location of the hidden treasure!  Again, huge thanks to parents for sending in the treats for this trail!

Finally, thanks to Garry for his exceptional MC work on the golden-mic...he kept things rolling nicely and ensured the Christmas cheer never faded!


Merry Christmas to one and all...