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At Kilburn Junior School, we are fortunate to have exceptional facilities and a huge site boasting: several playgrounds, a vast school field, outdoor learning areas (including a nature area, pond and woodland), on-site kitchen and dining facilities, changing rooms for children to use for PE, a dedicated computing suite, teaching bays, a music and art room and facilities and equipment to promote a range of sporting activities including cycling, table tennis, football, cricket and tennis.

Our school day begins at 9am, although pupils begin to arrive from 8.30.

REMINDER: As is stated in our school brochure, "Children should not ordinarily arrive in the school playground until 10 minutes before school begins at the earliest. There is no playground supervision until 8.50 am".

As we are a Magic Breakfast School, supported by the CO-OP, when the children arrive, they can help themselves to a free breakfast at the school gate.

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Our school day ends at 3.15 and the children meet their parents at the front of the school.

Children are welcome to cycle or scoot to school but cyclist must wear a helmet and dismount at the end of the drive. Cycles and scooters can be stored on the top playground.