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Kilburn Junior School is a proud member of the EMBARK Federation, a family of 19 schools across Derbyshire who believe that by working together as a team we can create schools that ‘stand out’ at the heart of their communities.

As a founder member of the Trust, we have 4 core beliefs; Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success, and these are central to everything that we do. We maintain high-standards across all of the Trust schools and want to ensure that the Primary school experience for our children is a magical time. 


At Kilburn Junior School, we are fortunate to have exceptional facilities and a huge site boasting: several playgrounds, a vast school field, outdoor learning areas (including a nature area, pond and woodland), on-site kitchen and dining facilities, changing rooms for children to use for PE, a dedicated computing suite, teaching bays, a music and art room and facilities and equipment to promote a range of sporting activities including cycling, table tennis, football, cricket and tennis.

Our school day begins at 8:55am, although pupils begin to arrive from 8.30.

REMINDER: Children should not arrive at school  until 8:30am as the playground is unsupervised until then.

As we are a Magic Breakfast School, supported by the CO-OP, when the children arrive, they can help themselves to a free breakfast at the school gate.

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Our school day ends at 3:25pm and the children meet their parents at the front of the school.

Children are welcome to cycle or scoot to school but cyclists must wear a helmet and dismount at the end of the drive. Cycles and scooters can be stored on the top playground.