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Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to this week's certificate winners from our Achievement Assembly who all demonstrated the You 22 attributes we hope to instill in our pupils. Congratulations also to the English Achievement Award winners and our Headteacher's award winners. What a lucky bunch of teachers we are to have such wonderful pupils!   

Assembly Winners

Social Media Parental Control Guides

With half term just beginning, now is a good time to check the parental controls on your child's social media accounts! Internet Matters have a good range of guides that help parents with family pairing (where available), privacy settings, reporting and much more. I have included some of the more common guides below (just click on the icon) and the rest of the guides can be found here.

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FREE Children’s Bike Checks!

Big on Bikes Big Bike Revival PosterFREE Children’s Bike Checks in association with Big on Bikes & Cycling UK Monday 31st Jan 2022. Minor repairs only. Bikes will need to be brought to school on dates above, with a tag indicating name and telephone number. 

Ditto Magazine

Please find below a link to the most recent edition of Ditto magazine. This is written by Alan McKenzie, an online safety advisor and education consultant. This edition includes some online safety basic, advice on new devises (perhaps bought for the children over Christmas), changes to Instagram and information on TikTok safety mode. Enjoy!


Download DITTO-Ed-27-Dec-2021_compressed


Kilburn Junior School Leavers 2021

Today we said an emotional farewell to our amazing year 6's. You have all been incredible throughout your time with us and we wish you all the best in the future. Keep on being brilliant and please feel free to come visit us and let us know how you are doing!

Year 6 Photo Montage


Upper School Assembly


Lower School Assembly

The Day of the Goblin King (PG)

Step aside Steven Spielberg, the Trailblazer team have expanded their operation out of the woods and onto the silver screen. The staff and children have been working hard for months throughout the difficult winter conditions (think, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant but harsher) to bring you this amazing feature film debut! The confidence, creativity and team work demonstrated by the children is fantastic and they have produced something unique and highly entertaining! Many thanks to all the children and staff who put the film together with particular praise going to Garry for his production, acting, editing, directing, special effects... what can't the man do?! Well done, everyone!

Warning: Young children beware, the goblins are particularly scary. 


No munchkin was harmed in the production of this feature film. 


Viking Day Music Video!

I am pleased to announce that our Upper School Viking Day Music Video is now complete! It was a fantastic day, with the upper school children and staff being treated to a re-enactment of a Viking Funeral, by our terrific Trailblazers Team and to brilliant musical performances by our very own Team Endurance and Endeavour.

We hope you all really enjoy the video, featuring some of the highlights of the day and an incredible musical performance by the children in Team Endeavour.

Mr W

Wish it could be Christmas Everyday - Performed by the children of Embark Federation

With Christmas fast approaching, a group of year 5 children from our school were given the exciting opportunity to record a cover for our very own Christmas song! After teaming up with 5 other schools from across the academy, the children worked tirelessly to learn the words and record this fantastic cover of Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.   

This was truly an amazing team effort with Miss Brown leading the project, filmed by Mr Whiteman and the music mixed by our very own guitar teacher Nick!

We hope you all enjoy!

Upper School Victorian Day Experience

After settling back into school really quickly, Upper School had a brilliant first term back and really got stuck into their new topic learning about the Victorian Period, especially the Victorian poor. To celebrate this hard work, we had a special day where the children dressed up and experienced life as a Victorian. Our video below shows some of the exciting activities that the children enjoyed over the day. Enjoy!


Leavers 2020

Tomorrow we say goodbye to all of our fantastic Year 6's.

It has been a strange year, one that we will all certainly remember, but our Year 6's have shown just how amazing they are by adapting through these tough times.

Throughout their time at our school, they have always been a terrific group of individuals supporting one another, working hard and most of all, brightening up our school day.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been filming with our year 6 pupils and putting together three videos for our 2020 leavers including a  poem and song/music video, performed by our year 6's who have been in school over the past few weeks, and finally a montage of photos including all of our leavers, showcasing their journeys throughout our school. 

You will all be missed and we wish you luck with all of your new adventures! Please don't be afraid to contact us and let us know how you are doing and come visit us in the future. Hope you enjoy the videos.

Mr Whiteman

I would like to thank our Year 6 pupils for their hard work, effort and determination over the past four years. You have been a wonderful team to work with, encompassing individuals with immeasurable skills and talents.

You have been genuine role models to other pupils and helped to make our school such a happy, vibrant and welcoming place to work.

We will miss you all but wish you well in your move to secondary school.

Mr Hull

Leavers Poem


Leavers Song & Music Video


Leavers Photos