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Team Equality

Silent Night

Upper School have been working hard in their music lessons this afternoon. They have been echoing and moving to help them rehearse a variety of songs. 

They've also been considering how songs may sound in other languages. To fit in with our work around Peace and Conflict in World War I, the children have been singing Silent Night. However, they've been singing it slightly differently today as they've sung it in German! You can see the first verse below. Well done, children. 


Exploring our topic!

Earlier this week, Callie and Caleb both brought in some additional work from home. Callie found out lots of brilliant facts about World War I. She used these within one of our lessons later in the week to help her, which was great to see! Caleb produced a lovely collage of Lego scenes he had created to go alongside some of the more memorable lines from John McCrae's 'In Flander's Fields'. Its brilliant to see both children exploring their interests around our new topic at home! Well done!


Working together!

This afternoon, Team Equality have been applying our knowledge of passing in different and effective ways in a small pitch game this afternoon. They played a mini tournament and all the children worked hard to communicate with each other, take turns and trust each other as a team. It was lovely to see such positivity and sportsmanship! Well done!


Competitive calculations

Year 6 in Team Equality have been working hard to develop their recall of different number bonds this week to help their confidence with trickier calculations. We've also been revisiting maths units such as rounding. It's been great to see their confidence grow and their scores increase. Keep those lightning fingers working! 


White Hall: All the Photos!

I hope the children have all slept well after their week at White Hall on their residential! I have finally finished uploading all of the photos which I have linked for each day below. Enjoy looking through them at all the amazing fun and challenges that the children have had. They were a credit to you and to the school with their impeccable behaviour, team work and resilience! Well done, Year 6!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
For more opportunities for the children to engage with the White Hall centre, see their website for courses over the school holidays!


White Hall: The Final Day!

The action never slows down at White Hall with the children still pushing themselves hard to accomplish a variety of challenges right up to the last minute! They have achieved so much this week and grown in so many ways. We are very proud of their accomplishments and hope that the lessons learned about the importance of team work and their amazing levels of resilience stay with them.   



Click on the link above for some more photos from Friday at White Hall.

Fantastic maths!

Team Equality have been working hard with their group problem solving in maths. Well done! 


Practical Science

Team Equality have been learning about how simple machines such as levers can help to make jobs easier by harnessing mechanical advantage. Here, Tiana and Letty are demonstrating how, with the correct sized lever, they can lift three of their classmates! Letty even managed to lift her teacher all by herself!

Lever Pic

Leavers 2022

Wishing all of our wonderful year 6 a fantastic time at their new schools. You have all been fantastic role models and worked incredibly hard throughout your time with us. Keep up the great work!

We would like to wish you all the very best for the future and please do not hesitate to stop by.


Sketching and Painting Matilda

Today, Equality have put the finishing touches to their Matilda illustrations. After following tutorials on how to sketch the character in the style of Quentin Blake, the children have added some vibrant colours using watercolour paints. They've done a fabulous job! Well done, Team!