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Team Equality

Fire Service Visit

Many thanks to George from Derbyshire Fire Service for his excellent talk in school today. The children have learned all about the science behind combustion, how to prevent fires in their homes, how to make an escape plan and the consequences of hoax calls to the emergency services. All children in year 6 have also taken home a 'Home Fire Safety Survey' to fill in with parents to ensure their homes are fire safe (I have included a link below to these resources and a video from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue which will reinforce the messages from today's session). 



Download Lesson Plan (To use with the above video- for parents/carers and children to watch together to reinforce messages from today's session.) 

Download Fire Safety Survey

Changing Temperatures

Team Equality have been doing some powerful maths over the last couple of days. Working in groups of 2 or 3, they used clues to help them calculate the temperatures of ten different cities in two months. They then had to answer six intricate questions using their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.  It was great to see some fantastic collaboration and communication in class! Collage 2022-05-17 18_10_22

Reading with confidence

This morning, the children chose a section of their reading book to read in different ways. We practised reading aloud to ourselves and reading to a partner. The children did a great job of giving feedback on how other children could further develop their delivery too. Let's keep up the good work and remember to use appropriate intonation and expressions and maintain a strong pace. 


Sewing stitches

As part of our upper school topic on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we have been sewing during our art lessons. The children have used backstitches for writing the dates and cross stitches for the Crown. They have shown great resilience, perseverance and precision, which isn't always easy with something so intricate. We can't wait to see the final results! 

Collage 2022-05-06 15_59_00

Ultimate games taster

Yesterday, Team Equality began their games taster sessions in PE. We worked on passing effectively with an ultimate disc. The children did a great job of tackling the wind and working together during relays. Well done Team! 

Collage 2022-04-26 19_45_21

Kilburn Junior School Climate Change Exhibition

This term's Lower School topic at has been rounded off in spectacular fashion this week with our climate change exhibition which opened on Wednesday 16th February.  Superb pieces of art, interactive displays, music, poetry, special guests, a letter from the Prime Minister and an amazing interview broadcast on the Radio Derby breakfast show all combined to create another truly memorable event led by our fantastic pupils. 

Our exhibition will be open to parents before and after school on Thursday and Friday (17th and 18th February).  Don't miss it!

Click her to hear the truly inspirational interview given by Tiana and Flynn in Team discovery.  

Click on the image below to view a gallery of the event.



Banana Farmer Drama!

This term, upper school have been exploring different biomes and considering products that can be gathered from different locations around the world. Bananas from Colombia was our focus for today. The children became banana farmers for the day to help them realise the importance and difference that being part of a fairtrade cooperative can make. Using limited resources, they were required to make bananas to sell to a supermarket. Their final products would be judged and priced accordingly or even rejected! Along the way, there were some unfortunate scenarios such as banana price drops, workforce sickness or even climate change related crop damage. Collaboration and self-control to focus on the task were key for success. This along with joining a fair trade cooperative it would seem as our two teams that earned the most money were both a part of this. Well done to all for showing empathy for banana farmers today!

Collage 2022-02-11 21_37_07

Improving our formality

Equality have been powerful this morning in their English! We have been editing a proposed speech from Mr and Mrs Lott about the prospect of a bypass being built in the village of Whigby. However, their proposed speech was rejected by the committee for its lack of formality for such a serious discussion. Together, we have been using our purple pens to edit the language choices, sentence structures and also provided more detail and explanation for Mr and Mrs Lott's points. The edited speeches are now suitable for the purpose, audience and genre.

Here they are pictured hard at work!

Collage 2022-02-08 10_43_21

Save the turtles!

Morgan brought in a wonderful art project today. We have been learning about being responsible global citizens, whether art can be an effective media for change and also considering our environment. I think it's clear to say that Morgan has shown a clear statement through her homemade turtle which is suffering from the impact of plastic pollution. Equality were confident in identifying the issues represented and we discussed what we could do to help resolve the problems. We'll done, Morgan! 


Story time

Earlier this week, the children in Equality were asked to read a book either at home, to an adult or in school to the class. I asked them to focus on their confidence, volume, intonation, expression and pace. Connor was the first to show his courage and read Supertato to us all at the end of the day. He read with lots of enthusiasm and kept us all in suspense about what might happen next when Supertato met Evil Pea. Well done!