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Team Equality

A Day in the Life of Kilburn Junior School

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World Bee Day!

Today we celebrated World Bee Day! The children all looked fabulous in their costumes and managed to raise £90.10! Bee day

Bees Art Collage

Team Endurance produced some superb art related to bees! They have also began to devise a plan for how we can help the community to become more bee friendly. Keep your eyes peeled for further information.


Our Viking Video Continues to Impress

Our recent video of our Viking funeral is causing quite a stir on the internet. After sending the video to the author of this term's book, Dr Janina Ramirez, we have been receiving loads of praise from the 'Twittersphere'. It's really lovely that people from all over the country have recognised what a special place our school is!


Here are just a few of the lovely messages that we have recieved!

Tweet 3
Tweet 3
Tweet 3

Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

A huge congratulations to the all the upper school children who received awards in today's achievement assembly. Well done for all your hard work and thank you for being excellent role models to the younger children in the school!


Viking Day Music Video!

I am pleased to announce that our Upper School Viking Day Music Video is now complete! It was a fantastic day, with the upper school children and staff being treated to a re-enactment of a Viking Funeral, by our terrific Trailblazers Team and to brilliant musical performances by our very own Team Endurance and Endeavour.

We hope you all really enjoy the video, featuring some of the highlights of the day and an incredible musical performance by the children in Team Endeavour.

Mr W

Comic Con! What happened?

In Team Equality, we have been reading Giant by Kate Scott this term. The children have loved the book, the comedy within it and the wonderful adventure that Anzo and Elise have. We also learned that we are all unique and it's important to just be ourselves. The children wrote the events of the final few chapters form Anzo or Elise's perspective. They did a brilliant job. Well done everyone!

Elise diary 1
Elise diary 1
Elise diary 1

Modern Day Good Samaritans

Take a look at some of the fantastic presentations submitted about people who are considered to be modern day good Samaritans by members of team Equality. The children were given the freedom to present their presentations in a variety of ways. Enjoy!

Carly's presentation

Joe & Isla's speech

Georgia's presentation

Satya's presentation

Ellie's video presentation

Eddie's speech

Lola's song


Helping Others and Ourselves

Throughout this term we have looked at the parable of the good Samaritan, considered the significance of this parable and used it to identify modern day good Samaritans too. We have often come back to the idea that helping others - no matter who they are - can be admirable. It is also important to consider what we can do to help ourselves and those closest to us as well. I asked the children in Team Equality to help someone and make them smile.

We had baking, cards, kind deeds, songs, games, laughter and happiness all around. Thank you for being so wonderful and kind to each other!

Helping Others

Night Owl Bob's Radio

In Team Equality, we have been reading 'Giant' by Kate Scott this term. I asked the children to write their own conversation between Night Owl Bob (a radio presenter) and Anzo (the main character). Take a look/listen to Jensen's response to the task.

Well done!

Jensen - Radio Dialogue - Audio

Jensen - Radio Dialogue - Written text


Exciting writing in Equality

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at 'Giant' by Kate Scott. The main character, Anzo, likes to draw comics about a superhero he created. As a class we created our own superheroes, stories and comics. Have a look at some of the fantastic examples below. To view Ellie, Georgia and Martha's stories, click on the links below. Well done to everyone and keep up the great work!

Ellie's story

Georgia's story

Martha's story

Lola Jensen

Wonderful work from Equality

Team Equality have been working hard over the last few weeks. Here are some examples of the work that's being produced in Art. Enjoy!

Amazing art