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Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been lovely to see the return of most of our boys and girls over the past few weeks and to feel the energy and excitement returning to school, especially this week, with many of our Year 3 pupils taking part in our Trailblazer sessions. School really has been a different place over the past few months without the children.

I understand how challenging the situation has been since the school closed back in March, and I understand some of the anxiety that still exists among some pupils and parents. However, I would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to establish a safe, welcoming environment for pupils, parents and staff when we re-open fully.

Many of our boys and girls have been away from school for a long time and I would like to commend them for their effort and hard work in engaging with online tasks, it really has been a new way of working that they have adjusted well to. I would also like to thank you, as parents, for the support you have given your child whilst they have been at home; as a parent myself, I know just how difficult this has been and how strained family life has been at times.

I would also like to pay tribute and give my thanks to the school staff, who have continued to work from school and home during this period. They really have gone the ‘extra-mile’ both in school and at home, supporting the children of key workers each day whilst providing bespoke learning experiences for pupils that follow our school curriculum. I would like to reassure you that we have structured plans in place, ready to hit the ground running so that any time lost over the past six months will be caught up in a calm, measured and supportive way.

The DfE has now published guidance for the full re-opening of schools from September 2020. Whilst I will continue to work on the detailed planning to ensure that all recommendations are implemented, I am writing to you to confirm that school will re-open to all pupils from Thursday 3rd September.

My staff and I are really looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school again and although there will be some changes to the way we operate, we are committed to ensuring that a full and ambitious curriculum continues to be offered in a safe, calm, caring and purposeful environment.

Please read the following information in preparation for September and if I don’t see you before we finish next Friday 17th July, I look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Hull


Key Information for re-opening in September

Kilburn Junior School - COVID19 - Schools full reopening - Risk Assessment

Support Over the Summer Holidays

Kilburn Junior School offers support to families living within the school community.

Given the unprecedented circumstances we continue to find ourselves in, and the extra pressure on family life,  please click on the link below to find out about services and support open to you whilst the school is closed over the summer holiday.

Community support - Amber Valley

Please be reminded that if you are ever concerned about the safety of a child or you require urgent help or advice;
Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190
or refer to starting point on 01629 535353


Leavers 2020

Tomorrow we say goodbye to all of our fantastic Year 6's.

It has been a strange year, one that we will all certainly remember, but our Year 6's have shown just how amazing they are by adapting through these tough times.

Throughout their time at our school, they have always been a terrific group of individuals supporting one another, working hard and most of all, brightening up our school day.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been filming with our year 6 pupils and putting together three videos for our 2020 leavers including a  poem and song/music video, performed by our year 6's who have been in school over the past few weeks, and finally a montage of photos including all of our leavers, showcasing their journeys throughout our school. 

You will all be missed and we wish you luck with all of your new adventures! Please don't be afraid to contact us and let us know how you are doing and come visit us in the future. Hope you enjoy the videos.

Mr Whiteman

I would like to thank our Year 6 pupils for their hard work, effort and determination over the past four years. You have been a wonderful team to work with, encompassing individuals with immeasurable skills and talents.

You have been genuine role models to other pupils and helped to make our school such a happy, vibrant and welcoming place to work.

We will miss you all but wish you well in your move to secondary school.

Mr Hull

Leavers Poem


Leavers Song & Music Video


Leavers Photos


Kilburn Junior School Virtual Tour

Come take a look around our fantastic facilities in our brand new virtual tour for new starters!

Trick Shot Challenge Montage!

The wait is over!

Well done to all of the children (and adults) who sent in clips of themselves taking part in the Kilburn Junior Trick Shot Challenge.

It was great to see so many creative and skillful trick shots you all came up with and hope you all enjoyed taking part.

Hope you enjoy the little montage of clips I've put together for you all and keep a look out for more challenges in the near future.

Mr W

KJS Keepy Uppy Challenge!

While the weather is still glorious, why not have a go at the KJS keepy uppy challenge?  All you have to do is post us a video of you performing as many keep ups as you can using any ball, balloon or even a rolled up ball of socks!  You can use your feet, head or hands.  It's entirely up to you.  It'll even count towards your KJS Sports badge too.  

We can't wait to see your video so make sure you post them to us by email or you can tweet them to us instead

Have fun!

Google Classroom

Good morning.  I hope you and your families are all well during the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. 

I would like to to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for using the home-school booklets to support your child whilst our school is closed.  We understand that this has been a challenging time and as such each member of staff is incredibly grateful for your continued support.  It is heart-warming to have been sent so many photographs of our children engaging in different activities and enjoying themselves at home too.

Feedback from many of you suggests that your child has completed their booklet and you are now ready for further support from your child’s teacher. 

Since last Monday, the teachers have been working on ways that we can continue to support your child whilst the school remains closed.  As a result, we have developed an online learning platform using Google Classrooms which we feel will help to meet the needs of you and your child at home. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You need to visit Google Classrooms using the web link or alternatively you can download the app onto your phone or tablet. 
  2. You will need to use an existing Google account or set up a new one to sign in. You will be prompted to do so when you visit Google Classrooms.
  3. Use the code kmdsvnd to join the school.
  4. You will find your child’s individual class underneath ‘classwork’.

Most of the content won’t go live until Monday 6th April but please sign up before the weekend so your child’s teacher can assign the tasks correctly. 

If you have any problems at all, please email me at   I will be available over the weekend to assist you with any issues you might experience logging on to the classroom.

We have planned to use the Easter holidays as a trial period for the classroom.  Each class teacher has set a number of Easter based activities for your child, as well as other activities that you can try at home.  As you can appreciate, the staff themselves have been on quite a steep learning curve over the last week or so and we would value your input going forward so we can make it as effective as possible.  Please leave comments for your child’s teacher regarding:

  • The quantity of work.
  • What you feel would help to support you and your child further.
  • Additional content that you would like to see provided for your child.
  • Any questions that you have.

Your child’s teacher will respond to your comments as soon as possible. 

After the Easter holidays, we are looking to deliver more in the way of resources that you and your child can complete online. Your comments will be valuable in order to help us achieve this.

Stay safe everybody and I look forward to seeing you register over the coming days,

Richard Gordon.

Watch out, there's a mythical creature about!

Helena has written a fantastic description of a mythical creature, which she created at home today using her Ancient Greek Booklet. Take a look at what she produced below. Well done Helena! 

As I walked down the dusty, rubbly path I came to a halt at a deep, dark ominous cave. I approached closer and saw blood-red eyes glistening in the beautiful sunset. This time the mysterious creature approached me and I could start to see a soaked, space black nose that could smell me from miles away. It suddenly pounced forward so close, I could hear its growling breath. The creature was so vast that it stared me straight in the eyes. The body of this animal was giant and was covered in fur with deadly scratches dotted about. The creature suddenly unfolded these beautiful bat-like wings from either side of its body, gently shining light through. As it circled me like a shark, I could hear the trotting of its unlikely pig hooves. Its pointed ears twitched to the sound of birds tweeting and luscious, green leaves rustling from the surrounding trees. Over its head hung a terrifying, yet beautiful purple scorpion tail, with a stinger containing poisonous venom at the end.

HP - creature (2)

I wonder if anybody else could describe a mythical creature... leave your own descriptions in the comments below or send an email to your class teacher. 

Upper School Challenge Answers

Remember to use the following resources to help you mark you Maths and Reading Use it or Lose it challenges.

Y6 - Reading Booklet 1 Answers

Y6 Reading Booklet 2 - Answers

Y5 - Reading Booklet Mark Scheme

Upper School MathsChallenge - Answers

Please continue to use the class emails to ask questions and to let your teachers know what you've been doing.

See what Team Equality have been doing at home by clicking on the logo below.


Equality's Home Learning 2020

It's been wonderful to see how much learning has been happening at home for Team Equality over the last few days. Click on our class logo below to see all the images we've received so far. Keep up the awesome work and send your messages to to let us know what you've been doing and we'll add your photos to the album.


Upper School Use It or Lose It Maths Challenge - Answers

Follow the link below to find the answers so far for the Y5 and Y6 Maths challenges for Equality, Endeavour and Endurance. Each image has a title matching the corresponding day in your booklet. Answers for future days will be added in due course. Leave a comment to let us know how you're getting on. If you have any queries please use the class emails to contact your teachers.

Upper School Answers

Please use the mark schemes below to help you mark your answers to the Y5 booklet and first Y6 reading booklet.

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