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Team Equality

Autism Awareness Week

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent Autism Awareness Week. Children shared experiences and made thoughtful contributions during activities designed to raise awareness of autism; in order for us all to develop our understanding and learn to support each other in school, at home and in the community.

Children created their own 'jigsaw piece' and proudly held it aloft to  celebrate difference  and recognise the diversity of the people and families living with autism, before coming together to produce our own interpretation of the Autism Awareness Ribbon.

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Team Equality Spellings

Click on the pink owl below to take you to Team Equality's new spelling list, activities and games. This time it's -ible and -ibly letter strings.
We will be having our test on 3rd May in the first week back. 
Enjoy and good luck! Miss Jennings

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A day with the stars!

Wow! What a great day!

A group of students, who have previously shown a love for singing and performing in our school, joined sixty other children from our Embark Federation schools for an utterly brilliant day in Derby.

We were joined throughout the day, by two amazing stars - Victoria Farley and Sophie Isaacs - from the West End. We were also lucky enough to be accompanied by one of our wonderful  trustees, Baby J, who recorded a song for Embark in the morning.  After that, Sophie and Victoria taught the children the lyrics and choreography to One Short Day, from Wicked and Hard Knock, Life from Annie.

The children were great representatives of the school, showing enthusiasm throughout the day and making the most of the opportunity!

Thanks again to all those who supported the children throughout the day. I hope you had as much fun as I did! Miss Jennings

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Team Equality Spellings: List 22 -able & -ably

Take a look at the word list, games and activities to help you prepare for the final spelling test of the term next week. Good luck and have fun. Miss Jennings


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Lego launching

This afternoon, as part of the children's Into Orbit project, Equality used creativity, precision, collaboration and resilience to build their own launching devices using skills they have learned so far this term. All the children said they really enjoyed this challenge and using what they had previously learned to help them. Well done! EJ


Even more fantastic gymnastics

Congratulations to the y5 and y6 gymnasts who came 3rd overall on Thursday out of 16 schools at their gymnastics competition with a huge score of 89.5 out of 90. The girls proved that putting in time and effort really can make a difference so thanks for having a positive attitude on the night but also during practice sessions. Thanks also go to the gymnasts' parents for their time and support on Thursday too! EJ


Team Equality's Fun with Circuits

This afternoon, Team Equality were exploring circuits and electricity in their Science work. The children worked collaboratively to create circuits to power bulbs, LEDs, motors and even managed to get a propellor to fly in to the air! They showed great self-control, responsibility and organisation throughout the afternoon. We had fun but we also learnt lots in the process of creating circuits. 


Into Orbit with Equality

This afternoon, Equality began their work on the Into Orbit project. We had tasters of working with lego in organised space, using programming apps & even designing our own space craft with space for crew and cargo using a variety of resources. The children showed great enthusiasm, creativity and resilience this afternoon whilst completing the different tasks. Thanks for a great start and keep up the good work!

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Snapshots of war

Team Equality have been using tableaus (freeze frames) during their Private Peaceful work this afternoon to help them understand the reality of war. It was brilliant to see the children working collaboratively, creatively and being kind and caring to one another as they created and showed their positive and realistic snapshots of world war one to the rest of the class. Well done team! 


Magical melodies

Year 5 were getting creative this afternoon as they composed their own winter songs using tuned instruments. The children worked in groups and explored their melodies using glockenspiels, xylophones and hand bells. To succeed, the children needed to be organised and creative. They also required confidence when they performed their music as an ensemble to the rest of the class. The music that the children produced was fantastic. Well done to all involved!

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