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Team Equality

Leavers 2022

Wishing all of our wonderful year 6 a fantastic time at their new schools. You have all been fantastic role models and worked incredibly hard throughout your time with us. Keep up the great work!

We would like to wish you all the very best for the future and please do not hesitate to stop by.


Sketching and Painting Matilda

Today, Equality have put the finishing touches to their Matilda illustrations. After following tutorials on how to sketch the character in the style of Quentin Blake, the children have added some vibrant colours using watercolour paints. They've done a fabulous job! Well done, Team! 


Die Tiere (Animals)

This afternoon, Year 6 have been learning how to say different animals in German as part of their Introduction to German unit. The children did a brilliant job of applying their pronunciation knowledge to say the animals. Then they enjoyed consolidating what they had learned through some competitive quiz games. Well done, Year 6, and keep up your wonderful attitude!


Fun with spellings!

This week, Equality have been looking at words with silent letters. We decided to create some fun mnemonics to help us remember where the silent letters appeared. The class loved learning spellings in a different way. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's spelling test and lesson!


Reading Scripts Accurately

Yesterday, Team Equality explored the features of scripts. We discussed what we might expect to see: character names, stage directions, scenes etc. The children then worked in small groups to follow the script effectively, considering what their character might do whilst not delivering a line too. They then performed their scene to the class. It was wonderful to see every child playing the part with expression and excitement. I think we have some future thespians amongst us. 


Fire Service Visit

Many thanks to George from Derbyshire Fire Service for his excellent talk in school today. The children have learned all about the science behind combustion, how to prevent fires in their homes, how to make an escape plan and the consequences of hoax calls to the emergency services. All children in year 6 have also taken home a 'Home Fire Safety Survey' to fill in with parents to ensure their homes are fire safe (I have included a link below to these resources and a video from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue which will reinforce the messages from today's session). 



Download Lesson Plan (To use with the above video- for parents/carers and children to watch together to reinforce messages from today's session.) 

Download Fire Safety Survey

Changing Temperatures

Team Equality have been doing some powerful maths over the last couple of days. Working in groups of 2 or 3, they used clues to help them calculate the temperatures of ten different cities in two months. They then had to answer six intricate questions using their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.  It was great to see some fantastic collaboration and communication in class! Collage 2022-05-17 18_10_22

Reading with confidence

This morning, the children chose a section of their reading book to read in different ways. We practised reading aloud to ourselves and reading to a partner. The children did a great job of giving feedback on how other children could further develop their delivery too. Let's keep up the good work and remember to use appropriate intonation and expressions and maintain a strong pace. 


Sewing stitches

As part of our upper school topic on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we have been sewing during our art lessons. The children have used backstitches for writing the dates and cross stitches for the Crown. They have shown great resilience, perseverance and precision, which isn't always easy with something so intricate. We can't wait to see the final results! 

Collage 2022-05-06 15_59_00

Ultimate games taster

Yesterday, Team Equality began their games taster sessions in PE. We worked on passing effectively with an ultimate disc. The children did a great job of tackling the wind and working together during relays. Well done Team! 

Collage 2022-04-26 19_45_21