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Team Equality

2019 & 2020 Futsal Champions!

A group of 7 y5/6 pupils went to Alfreton Leisure Centre tonight and finished as champions! They played 5 intense games, including a closely matched final to finish off the competition, without conceding a single goal. There were some amazing passes, blocks and goals, but most of all the girls showed great sportsmanship and determination. They played really well as a team, no matter which players were on the pitch and respected each other throughout. A big thank you to parents for your support and especially to Mr Storey too for supporting the children before and during the matches too!


Spellzone Games

Click on the owls below to take you to some spelling games for your spelling list this week. Enjoy!

List 16 - Homophones

Miss J's & Mrs G's groups

+ Endeavour

Mrs S's group

Stage 3, List 15

Mrs S's group

Stage 2, List 4 & 5

Miss J spellling Mrs S spelling Stage 3 Mrs S spelling Stage 1

First Mini Leader activities of 2020!

After several weeks of training and planning our fantastic mini leaders finally got their first taste of leading a group of their very own! Our mini leaders were asked to design and lead an activity for a mixed group of Year 3's and 4's throughout a PE session. Mr Barber and I were very impressed by the quality of their teaching and the creativity they showed throughout to adapt their games to maximise the enjoyment of all groups. We look forward to seeing what exciting games you come up with next!

Spellzone links

Click on the owl images for your group below to access Spellzone games. These will help you practise for your test on Thursday 19th December. Enjoy!

Miss J's spelling group

Mrs S' spelling group

Stage 3, List 12

Mrs S' spelling group

Lists 23 & 24

Miss J spellling Mrs S spelling Stage 3 Mrs S spelling Stage 1

Young People's Forest - Equality

Team Equality had a wonderful morning at Mead Woodland planting an incredible 291 trees as part of the Young People's Forest project. When we returned to school, we thought about which You22 attributes we had shown. The children believed that they were kind and caring towards the environment, safety-conscious whilst using the spades and had a positive attitude throughout.

Click on the woodland trust logo below to see some photos from our trip. Let us know what you thought of the trip in the comments below.


Spelling links for Friday 13th December

Click on the owl below for your group to access some fun spelling games. Let us know what you enjoy in the comments below.

Miss J's spelling group

& Endeavour

Mrs S' spelling group

Stage 3,  List 11

Mrs S's spelling group

Lists 21 & 22

Miss J spellling Mrs S spelling Stage 3 Mrs S spelling Stage 1

Girls' Football County Final

Last Thursday, our girls' football team took part in the Derbyshire School Games County Final, following their phenomenal and unbeaten performance at the Amber Valley tournament last month. The girls faced the best 9 teams, selected from the winners of each region across the whole of Derbyshire, this being  from a total of over 400 schools.

The girls showed incredible determination, skill and teamwork, especially in some unbelievably cold and wet weather to finish 3rd place on their first ever representation of Amber Valley in the Football County Final.

A huge well done to all of our team for their achievement and to all of their parents for their support. A special thank you also to Jason, for helping me coach the team on a very, very wet day.


Spellings for 6th December & telling the time

We've been really impressed with children's efforts to learn their spellings. Please keep up the good work! 
Click on the picture below for your spelling group to head to some fun spelling games and activities.

There's also a link to a game to help children with telling the time. You can practise telling the time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes or minutes on a 12 hour or 24 hour clock.

Let us know how you do in the comments below.

Miss J's spelling group

& Team Endeavour

Mrs S's group
Stage 3, List 10

Mrs S's group

Lists 19 & 20

Miss J spellling Mrs S spelling Stage 3 Mrs S spelling Stage 1
Telling the time
Telling time

Brilliant Basketball

Well done to our brilliant basketball team who finished 4th in their recent tournament. The team played extremely well and scored some fantastic shots in some incredibly close games. IMG_1580

If you are interested in playing basket for a club with regular, fun training sessions and matches. Check out Derby Trailblazers for more information.

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Team Equality & Endeavour's spellings

Click on the links below to enjoy the Spellzone games and activities for your spelling group. Enjoy and remember to make a note of any practise you do in your planner. 

Miss Jennings' group 
& Endeavour
Mrs S's group
Stage 3, List 9
Mrs S's group
Lists 17 & 18
Miss J spellling Mrs S spelling Stage 3 Mrs S spelling Stage 1