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Team Endurance

Musical melodies

This afternoon, Upper School explored different time signatures and rhythms through 'The Piglet Polka'. We spoke about the importance of maintaining a steady tempo and playing the notes to their full length. The children worked together to improve their overall sound. It has been brilliant to see them showing good progress and improved understanding each week, within their lessons. Well done!

Music jsax

Festive bookmarks and drawings!

This week, Upper School have been completing a range of different festive activities. Take a look at the wonderful bookmarks and illustrations of festive figures that Team Endurance completed this morning. Well done!


Silent Night

Upper School have been working hard in their music lessons this afternoon. They have been echoing and moving to help them rehearse a variety of songs. 

They've also been considering how songs may sound in other languages. To fit in with our work around Peace and Conflict in World War I, the children have been singing Silent Night. However, they've been singing it slightly differently today as they've sung it in German! You can see the first verse below. Well done, children. 


White Hall: All the Photos!

I hope the children have all slept well after their week at White Hall on their residential! I have finally finished uploading all of the photos which I have linked for each day below. Enjoy looking through them at all the amazing fun and challenges that the children have had. They were a credit to you and to the school with their impeccable behaviour, team work and resilience! Well done, Year 6!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
For more opportunities for the children to engage with the White Hall centre, see their website for courses over the school holidays!


White Hall: The Final Day!

The action never slows down at White Hall with the children still pushing themselves hard to accomplish a variety of challenges right up to the last minute! They have achieved so much this week and grown in so many ways. We are very proud of their accomplishments and hope that the lessons learned about the importance of team work and their amazing levels of resilience stay with them.   



Click on the link above for some more photos from Friday at White Hall.

William Morris Inspired Crafts

Upper school have been learning about William Morris as part of their Victorian topic. William Morris believed in bringing beautifully crafted designs into the home and is famous for his intricate floral wallpaper. Here, Georgie from Team Endurance, proudly shows her William Morris inspired wallpaper design which incorporates designing, sketching and a little bit of digital wizardry to create this amazing repeating pattern. What a talented artist!


Leavers 2022

Wishing all of our wonderful year 6 a fantastic time at their new schools. You have all been fantastic role models and worked incredibly hard throughout your time with us. Keep up the great work!

We would like to wish you all the very best for the future and please do not hesitate to stop by.


Die Tiere (Animals)

This afternoon, Year 6 have been learning how to say different animals in German as part of their Introduction to German unit. The children did a brilliant job of applying their pronunciation knowledge to say the animals. Then they enjoyed consolidating what they had learned through some competitive quiz games. Well done, Year 6, and keep up your wonderful attitude!


Year 6 Cook Up a Storm

In preparation for next week's Platinum Jubilee cooking competition, some of our year 6 pupils have been practising baking cupcakes and also the art of cake decoration. The marzipan corgis were particularly effective! The kind bunch then shared their creations with their classmates for a spot of afternoon cake! How very civilised!




Fire Service Visit

Many thanks to George from Derbyshire Fire Service for his excellent talk in school today. The children have learned all about the science behind combustion, how to prevent fires in their homes, how to make an escape plan and the consequences of hoax calls to the emergency services. All children in year 6 have also taken home a 'Home Fire Safety Survey' to fill in with parents to ensure their homes are fire safe (I have included a link below to these resources and a video from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue which will reinforce the messages from today's session). 



Download Lesson Plan (To use with the above video- for parents/carers and children to watch together to reinforce messages from today's session.) 

Download Fire Safety Survey