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Team Endurance

Fire Service Visit

Many thanks to George from Derbyshire Fire Service for his excellent talk in school today. The children have learned all about the science behind combustion, how to prevent fires in their homes, how to make an escape plan and the consequences of hoax calls to the emergency services. All children in year 6 have also taken home a 'Home Fire Safety Survey' to fill in with parents to ensure their homes are fire safe (I have included a link below to these resources and a video from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue which will reinforce the messages from today's session). 



Download Lesson Plan (To use with the above video- for parents/carers and children to watch together to reinforce messages from today's session.) 

Download Fire Safety Survey

Team Endurance Animation

As part of their art this term, Upper School have been learning about stop-motion animation. We have made Zoetrope animation strips, modelled Aardman-inspired clay figures and even experimented with stop-motion animation apps on the iPads.  The children showed such enthusiasm for this subject that we let our creativity run wild this afternoon! 



Kilburn Junior School Climate Change Exhibition

This term's Lower School topic at has been rounded off in spectacular fashion this week with our climate change exhibition which opened on Wednesday 16th February.  Superb pieces of art, interactive displays, music, poetry, special guests, a letter from the Prime Minister and an amazing interview broadcast on the Radio Derby breakfast show all combined to create another truly memorable event led by our fantastic pupils. 

Our exhibition will be open to parents before and after school on Thursday and Friday (17th and 18th February).  Don't miss it!

Click her to hear the truly inspirational interview given by Tiana and Flynn in Team discovery.  

Click on the image below to view a gallery of the event.



Considering our Energy Use

Yesterday afternoon, all Year 5 and 6 children explored how our energy use can have an impact on the world. We discussed the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources. After that, they were given a situation that they needed to reenact. In each scenario, there was someone who was using energy in an irresponsible way. The children then performed these quick role plays to the rest of their class before reflecting on their own energy use and its impact. 

Collage 2022-01-25 17_15_15

White Hall Day 5

The day began in the eye of a ferocious storm as our intrepid explorers embarked on their final day's activities, the ropes course, zip wire and a visit to The Roaches to rock scramble.

Before leaving the centre we reflected on the amazing week we have had, the skills we have developed, the fears we have overcome and of course, the memories we have formed that will stay with us forever.

Thank you White Hall for a wonderful week and thank you children for your commitment, hard work, positivity and support for the teachers and each other, we are immensely proud of you.

Click on the image below from some more photos from our last day...

WH 5


White Hall Day 4

We awoke this morning to a wintery scene, a perfect blue sky and a hard frost which created a magical panorama of the peaks surrounding the centre. With multiple layers, gloves and hats, our intrepid explorers set about their activities for the day.

A visit to Mouldridge Mine at Pikehall was enjoyed by two groups. Here the children looked at some of the natural features within the cave- flowstone, stalactites and fragments of galena, Group A even managed to spot two hibernating bats deep within the craggy walls.

The children recreated the conditions experienced by the lead miners many years ago by turning off their headtorches and sitting in the pitch-dark and, after crawling and squeezing through the tight spaces (including one aptly known as the toilet, in which the children descended a hole in the cave floor), the groups headed back to the door.

Mountain biking was also on the cards today and the boys and girls tackled the White Hall MTB Course taking on the features including the 'Jabberwocky', the 'Devil's Elbow', the 'Twister' and the 'Pump Track'.

For Group C, it was their turn to tackle the stream scramble in the grounds of the dilapidated Errwood Hall where they ducked under branches and refreshed themselves in the icy waters of the waterfall. After a warm up at the centre, they were back outside zooming down the zipwire and navigating the tricky ropes course.

We also managed to celebrate Cody's 11th Birthday with singing at breakfast and a 'cake' (a banana) festooned with candles at dinner- they wouldn't stand up in the jelly and ice cream!  Happy birthday, Cody.

Click on the image below for all of our day four pictures from the three groups...

Day 4

White Hall Day 3

Another perfect day here at the White Hall Centre in which groups A and B completed their Adventure Day on the River Wye.

After spotting Dipper and trout in the gorge, the children battled their fear of heights on the abseil at Millers Dale Viaduct.

Group C enjoyed a trip to the cave, squirming, crawling and squeezing their way through the narrow passageways before developing their off-road cycling kills on the mountain bike and pump track at the centre.

Click on the image below to view the photographs from today and please leave a comment.



White Hall Day Two

The morning began with the  legendary KJS Room Inspection, in which we saw gels, lotions and potions aligned in height order and wonderfully symmetrical arrangements of tooth brushes- an incredible start to the famous contest.

The morning actives began and included traversing and abseiling in the climbing room, stream scrambling below the ruins of Errwood Hall in the Goyt Valley and the adventure day, in which group C tackled the abseil from Millers Dale Viaduct above the gorge of the River Wye.

During the afternoon, the children continued their adventure with the visit to the Roaches on the Derbyshire-Staffordshire border to rock scramble amongst its historic boulders.

The children, once again exemplified many of our YOU22 attributes: teamwork, resilience, collaboration and of course courage as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and were tested beyond their limits.

Click on the image below to view the photographs from today and please leave a comment.

White Hall Day Two

White Hall Day One

Since arriving at lunchtime, the children have had an action-packed first day at the brilliant White Hall Centre. So far, the groups have been climbing in the indoor climbing wall; honed their team working skills on the ropes course and the zipwire; and been stream scrambling down the Goyt valley, What a busy afternoon! We topped all this off with a challenging night hike along Errwood reservoir before we came back to the centre for hot chocolate and a biscuit before bed.

Click on the image below for some pictures of day one.

White Hall Day One

Kilburn Junior School Leavers 2021

Today we said an emotional farewell to our amazing year 6's. You have all been incredible throughout your time with us and we wish you all the best in the future. Keep on being brilliant and please feel free to come visit us and let us know how you are doing!

Year 6 Photo Montage


Upper School Assembly


Lower School Assembly