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Team Endurance

Achievement Award Winners 11th January

Well done to our achievement award winners today for their effort, hard work and progress in English over the past week. Well done also to Luna for all her efforts at school since the beginning of September. For this she received the Headteacher's Award.


A Day In The Life at Kilburn Junior School

The above film, gives a flavour of our school ethos and the many wonderful opportunities on offer for our pupils.

Team Endurance Lego 'Into Orbit' Project

We love it when people bring us exciting ideas and Mr Walters has brought us a real cracker! The Lego 'Into Orbit' project is an exciting and stimulating multi-national competition in which children compete to build and program robots to solve real-world scientific and engineering problems. There is also a project that runs alongside this to research and find solutions to these problems using the children's own creativity and problem solving skills. The core skills that this project aims to promote within the children are team work, communication, problem solving, design, engineering and computational thinking / computer programming. If that wasn't awesome enough, the project utilises Lego products (such as Lego 'Mindstorms')  to develop these essential skills!

1Click on the picture above to see more of the children's work on this project so far. 

A huge thank you to Mr Walters for bringing this idea to us, his enthusiasm and for generously devoting his Tuesday afternoons to running the project with us in school.


Achievement award winners

Well done to our pupils for winning the class English Star Award this week.  They have all worked hard both inside and outside of school and achieved great success in English, especially with writing, grammar, spelling and reading.

We are really proud of you all.


Sports Day 2018


Can you code your very own computer game?

Why not find out by entering this exciting competition!  First Coding is hosting a creative coding competition over the summer holidays.  The challenge is to design and create your own game using Scratch. There will be a prize for the winning entry too.  Click on the link below to find out more!


First coding

Animal Habitats

The children in upper school have been working hard to create animal habitats to encourage creatures to make our school grounds their home. We have produced bat boxes, bird boxes and insect habitats using a variety of D&T skills including accurate marking out, drilling, screwing and even burning designs into the wood to make them the highest possible quality. They have done a fantastic job so far. Next steps: add a small solar powered light to the bug boxes to encourage insects into the habitat.


Click on the link above to see some more pictures.

(We will add more as we complete more of our habitats)

Triathlon Taster

This afternoon our year 5 and 6 classes experienced a PE lesson with a difference.

Mr Whiteman with the help of Mrs Fox and some year 6 helpers created an exciting Triathlon course, complete with bike/scooter circuit and running track. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite have enough time to build and fill a real swimming pool, so a pretend pool had to be constructed.

Well done to all the children who took part, you all made a terrific effort to complete the course.


The Return of the "Eggstronaut"!

Team Endurance worked hard recently to design and build a parachute and landing module for their "Eggstronauts" so that, when released from the school roof, they returned to earth without cracking! Well done to the winning team below for not only keeping their egg intact but for also creating the most efficient parachute and winning the Easter egg prizes.

The Eggs(
Click on the image above for some more pictures.)

Bikeability on a beautiful day!

The sun shone on Y5 today as they continued to impress on their L2 Bikeability training.

As you can see, everyone was listening well and working hard, learning the rules of the road.

Keep it up and safe cycling!