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Team Endeavour

Safeguarding over the Summer Holiday and Food Programme

Please click on the image below to discover how families, communities and local organisations are all working together to provide children and young people in Derbyshire with fun activities and learning opportunities through the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme.

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Funded by the Department for Education, it is delivered in partnership with Derbyshire County Council and local activities providers.


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As a school, the safety and well-being of our pupils and members of the school community is most important to us.

As we break for the Summer holiday, if you have any immediate concerns for the safety or welfare of a child please contact:

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The Kilburn Junior School Bee Garden

Last week, the children in year five worked extremely hard to create the perfect environment for the bees. They planted lots of plants, built shelters for them (to protect them from the rain) and created a watering hole for them too! In addition to this, we hung their bee boxes, which they made during their Trailblazer sessions. The Bee Garden

This week, the children will be continuing their work on bees, by writing a set of instructions on how to create your very own bee garden!

Save the Bee!

Yesterday, Freddie noticed a bee, which was extremely docile on the pavement outside of school. We brought the bee in, supplied it with water and allowed it to recuperate. Later in the day, Freddie then placed the bee into our bug hotel! Freddie's Bee

World Bee Day!

Today we celebrated World Bee Day! The children all looked fabulous in their costumes and managed to raise £90.10! Bee day

Bees Art Collage

Team Endurance produced some superb art related to bees! They have also began to devise a plan for how we can help the community to become more bee friendly. Keep your eyes peeled for further information.


Our Viking Video Continues to Impress

Our recent video of our Viking funeral is causing quite a stir on the internet. After sending the video to the author of this term's book, Dr Janina Ramirez, we have been receiving loads of praise from the 'Twittersphere'. It's really lovely that people from all over the country have recognised what a special place our school is!


Here are just a few of the lovely messages that we have recieved!

Tweet 3
Tweet 3
Tweet 3

Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

A huge congratulations to the all the upper school children who received awards in today's achievement assembly. Well done for all your hard work and thank you for being excellent role models to the younger children in the school!


Viking Art

This afternoon, the children have begun carving their Viking Runestones. 

Here is Baileigh's! Baileigh

Viking Song

As part of our Viking topic and ceremony, the children in Team Endeavour learnt and covered the song 'My Mother Told Me' by Rachel Hardy.  The children learnt how to sing in rounds, how to use dynamics to create mood and how to sing as part of a group! They then performed this at our Viking Ceremony.  After the release of our Viking video, Rachel Hardy got in touch with us! Rachel Hardy

Viking Day Music Video!

I am pleased to announce that our Upper School Viking Day Music Video is now complete! It was a fantastic day, with the upper school children and staff being treated to a re-enactment of a Viking Funeral, by our terrific Trailblazers Team and to brilliant musical performances by our very own Team Endurance and Endeavour.

We hope you all really enjoy the video, featuring some of the highlights of the day and an incredible musical performance by the children in Team Endeavour.

Mr W

Endeavour's Viking Homework

This half term, the children in Endeavour have really enjoyed their Viking topic. I have been blown away with the amount of creative homework the children have brought in! Here they all are showing off their fabulous creations, from shields to swords and even homemade Viking bread! Viking Homework 1

Viking Homework 2

Wonderful Writing

Another great piece of writing from one of Team Endeavour's pupils! Poppy has written the resolution and the ending to her story, using speech marks, relative clauses and even adding some parenthesis! Well done Poppy!Poppy's Writing