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Team Discovery

Save Kidsley Park Farm

As part of of our English topic, our lower school children enjoyed a visit from Amanda Paget on Tuesday.  She spoke in great length about a proposed solar farm at Kidsley Park Farm in Smalley.  

Amanda Paget visit

The children have been learning about the different opinions people have on the issue.  They have also considered some of the environmental impacts that the solar farm may bring to the area.  Visit Save Kidsley Park Farm to find out how you can help support farmer Andrew Dakin.

A special thank you once again to Amanda Paget for taking the time to talk to our children.

Year 4 Parents to Lunch

Our Year 4 pupils invited their parents to join them for lunch in the school hall today.  It's fair to say that the parents enjoyed the food prepared by our wonderful team of kitchen staff here at KJS.  As one parent commented on their way out, "I'll be back next Wednesday!"

To view a selection of images from the event, please click on the image below. 

PHOTO-2023-10-11-12-34-56 (4)

Team Discovery Plastic Pledge - Easter 2023

Here in Team Discovery we have enjoyed an overwhelming response to our Easter project.  At the conclusion to last term's topic (how can we protect the environment?), the children were asked to make a 'Plastic Pledge' and to act upon it over the Easter holidays.  Follow the link by clicking on the image below to view a range of photographs and videos of their pledge in action.  Well done to all of the children and a big thank you to the parents for supporting them.



Litter picking in the local area

As part of our Lower School topic, 'How do we protect our environment?' the children in Year 3 and 4 have been exploring the amount of litter present in our local environment.  It's fair to say that they were suprised at how much they found in just ten minutes.


Collage 2023-03-03 16_59_15 Collage_2023-03-03_20_40_12

Lower School World Cup Winners!

Our football team got a taste of the World Cup this afternoon in the World Cup mini festival in Alfreton.  Representing Japan, our team won all of their games before returning to school as world champions!  Congratulations to all of our star players.



Sewing with team Discovery


Team Discovery had a wonderful time learning how to sew this afternoon.  As you can see, they enjoyed it 'sew' much that we wanted to share it with you all.  Here's what the children said:

'I have really enjoyed sewing this afternoon.'  Nia.

'I liked sewing because I have never done it before and when I'm older, I will know how to sew blankets!'  Esme.

'I have really enjoyed sewing. One day I could become a fashion designer!"  Casey.

'II learned how to thread a needle and do a running stitch.'  Rory.

'It's a good opportunity to learn a useful new skill.'  Ed.

'I've really enjoyed learning a new skill.'  Freddie.

Team Discovery Sandwich Making

Sandwich makingAs part of our D & T topic, Team Discovery made their very own sandwich today.  Afterwards, they gave use their views on the experience. Here is what they said:

'I really enjoyed it because I don't normally prepare food at home.'  Leah.

'I enjoyed this because now I know how to make a sandwich!'  Esme and Freddie.

'I loved making the box to take it home in!'  Rory.

'It makes me want to help homeless people who are hungry.'  Casey.

'It's unfair that not everyone gets enough food like Mr Stink and other homeless people.'  Ned.

Team Discovery Bake Off!


Team Discovery have been baking something tasty today to help them understand how to write their own instructions next week.   We asked them for their feedback after the lesson. Here is what they said:

'It might give us the opportunity to be a baker one day or help more in the kitchen at home.'  Casey.

'It was interesting learning how to make the tray bake.  The experience will help us learn more about instructions too.'  Freddie.

'It's always fun learning how to bake so you can do it at home with your family.'  Rory.

Team Discovery learn about teeth

Science lesson 4

Team Discovery have been learning the names and functions of our teeth.  We asked them for their feedback after the lesson. Here is what they said:

'I like learning about the Human body because it is interesting.'  Edward.

'I think this is important because it could give us the opportunity to become a dentist one day!'  Casey.

'I didn't know our teeth had different names.'  Marcy.

'I used to wonder how they work and what they are for.  Now I know.'  Freya.

'This will be useful so I know how to look after them correctly.'  Leo.

Les Couleurs

This afternoon, Lower School have been reviewing colours in French to finish off this term's unit. The children listened to songs, joined in with the singing and responded well to flashcards too before applying their knowledge to their task. Très bien!

Collage 2022-05-25 19_36_11