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Team Discovery

Achievement Award Winners 11th January

Well done to our achievement award winners today for their effort, hard work and progress in English over the past week. Well done also to Luna for all her efforts at school since the beginning of September. For this she received the Headteacher's Award.


A Day In The Life at Kilburn Junior School

The above film, gives a flavour of our school ethos and the many wonderful opportunities on offer for our pupils.

Team Discovery's Big Read

Due to parental availability we will be changing the Big Read back to Tuesday mornings from 8:40.

We hope to see you there, however if you cannot make this time and would like to attend please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.

Thank you,

Miss Richardson and Mrs Parkin.

Team Discovery’s spellings

Team Discovery’s spellings for Friday 16th November. They will be tested on 10.


The Great Kilburn Bake Off

The lower school children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make bread with the help of Warburtons today. We hope you liked tasting their ‘breadghog’ as much as we enjoyed making it!



Achievement award winners

Well done to our pupils for winning the class English Star Award this week.  They have all worked hard both inside and outside of school and achieved great success in English, especially with writing, grammar, spelling and reading.

We are really proud of you all.


Maths treasure hunt

We had our maths lesson outside today. We answered the long multiplication questions to find out the secret sentence. 64AA09CC-6584-45B7-82B1-2504EC8FBAD6

Hard work pays off

Team Discovery filled their marble jar so as a reward we spent some time playing together this afternoon. A lovely end to the day and a well deserved treat. 4CE88A78-36E8-4676-A3FB-CEE37E36B471

Hit The Button

Children in the Lower School have been using 'Hit The Button' to help learn number bonds and multiplication facts at school this term.  Why not have a go at home too?  Post your best scores in the comments below.  Mr Gordon.

Hit The Button

Sports Day 2018