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Inspire Curriculum

Inspire LogoThe Inspire Curriculum is a framework for teaching and learning created by the staff of Kilburn Junior School within which we endeavor to equip pupils for critical and active engagement with the challenges and opportunities of life in a fast-changing and interdependent world. It is transformative, developing the
knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes that learners need both to participate fully in a globalised society and economy, and to secure a more just, secure and sustainable world than the one they have inherited.

In creating this contemporary and vibrant skills, attitudes and values based curriculum, we have used the research carried by such educational theorists as Benjamin Bloom (Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals) and Martin Haberman (The Pedagogy of Poverty Versus Good Teaching). We have also used the guidance produced by Oxfam Education, in particular Education for Global Citizenship- A Guide for Schools.


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Our policy on sex education is in line with the government expectations. We do involve health visitors in our teaching.  They, and all members of staff involved, work to written guidelines and meet before the project begins to clarify the scope of the work. We also offer parents the opportunity to view materials and to ask questions about our teaching at a meeting prior to the project beginning. (The full policy is available from school or our website.) 

Drugs Education

Our policy on drugs and substance abuse education reflects the need to educate children in the dangers of drug and substance abuse as part of our wider study of choices.

Would we make children aware of other drugs, their effects when misused, or street names for substances.

Moral, Spiritual, Cultural and Social Development

As well as teaching academic subjects the school also works towards developing children's moral, spiritual, cultural and social development.  These things cut right across school life.  Obviously assemblies and RE have a part to play.  Other areas having a part to play are those where children's feelings and opinion are explored; music, drama and personal and social studies fall into this category.

Our range of out of school activities is important too.  Over a year this will include choir, art club, indoor games, hockey, tennis, netball and football.  These all promote personal commitment and dedication, reliability and independence, teamwork and responsibility.

Throughout the school children are given responsibility for a variety of jobs to further develop their community spirit and their sense of responsibility.  They might be monitors, or stallholders at a fair or raise money for charity. And over all school life lies the ethos of being part of a community, having responsibilities and duties to it and being entitled to recognition for services given and achievements attained.

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