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Team Courage

Team Courage Spelling test 25th September

Here are your spelling lists and games for our spelling test next week.  To see the specific list and activities for your child, please visit our Google Classroom.

Spellzone Spellzone
Download Group 1 list 2 Download Group 2 list 2

New Starters 2020

As we prepare to start an exciting new year at Kilburn Junior School, we would like to start by sharing some of our fantastic new videos with you, introducing our school and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

School Virtual Tour

Question & Answers featuring teachers and former pupils

Kilburn Junior School Virtual Tour

Come take a look around our fantastic facilities in our brand new virtual tour for new starters!

The most disgusting sandwich in the world!

The children in Team Courage have been busy writing instructions for the most disgusting sandwich in the world.  Whilst the quality of their work is excellent, I think you will agree that their sandwiches are less than appealing!  

They are well worth a read or a watch so please take the time to look at them.


To view photographs and videos Photographs and videos
To read word files:

Download Freddie

Download Georgina

Download Joshua

Download Shane-Lee

Download Tempy


Finley in Team Courage discovered these blackbirds nesting in his hedge.  He has been looking after them and he wrote this letter to share his experience.  Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Finley.  I think this is fascinating and we are all very proud of you.  Well done! Nest 2
Nest 2
Nest 2

Team Courage Half Term Projects

Well done to all the children in Team Courage who submitted work for our half term projects.  To see the fantastic pictures of the mosaics and time capsule that you submitted, visit our gallery at Google Photographs

You can also read the touching letters that the children wrote by visiting our Google Classroom.

Thank you for all your hard work.  Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Mr Gordon.

Trick Shot Challenge Montage!

The wait is over!

Well done to all of the children (and adults) who sent in clips of themselves taking part in the Kilburn Junior Trick Shot Challenge.

It was great to see so many creative and skillful trick shots you all came up with and hope you all enjoyed taking part.

Hope you enjoy the little montage of clips I've put together for you all and keep a look out for more challenges in the near future.

Mr W

Banksy Revealed!

We can now reveal the true identity of the anonymous graffiti artist who has been leaving his mark in Kilburn!  His name is Riley, a Year 3 child in Team Courage.  Thank you to you and your family for this wonderful tribute to our wonderful NHS and key workers, Riley. Reading Comprehension - VE Day  (6 May 2020 at 17_30)
Reading Comprehension - VE Day  (6 May 2020 at 17_30)
Reading Comprehension - VE Day  (6 May 2020 at 17_30)
Reading Comprehension - VE Day  (6 May 2020 at 17_30)

Team Courage VE Day Photographs

Some of the children have been getting ready to commemorate VE Day on Friday by producing their own bunting at home.  Please visit the link to view the gallery.  If you have any more, please send them to me and I'll add them to the gallery.

KJS Keepy Uppy Challenge!

While the weather is still glorious, why not have a go at the KJS keepy uppy challenge?  All you have to do is post us a video of you performing as many keep ups as you can using any ball, balloon or even a rolled up ball of socks!  You can use your feet, head or hands.  It's entirely up to you.  It'll even count towards your KJS Sports badge too.  

We can't wait to see your video so make sure you post them to us by email or you can tweet them to us instead

Have fun!