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Goodbye Miss Richardson!

Last Friday was Miss Richardson's final day before the start of her maternity leave.  The children and staff here at Kilburn are all really excited to hear of her new arrival and we all look forward to seeing her again soon with her bundle of joy.   

As you can see, she was positively glowing just before she left! 



White Hall Day Three

Please find below the link to the final album of photos from our last day at White Hall! After such a busy few days, I hope the children are feeling well-rested and enjoying their weekend!

WH3Click on the image above for more White Hall pictures.

White Hall Day Two

Greetings from White Hall! It has been an even busier day today with the groups taking part in canoeing on Coombs Reservoir, abseiling, mountain biking, climbing and zip-lining. The weather has also been phenomenal, as you will see from the photos below...

WH2Click on the picture above for more pictures from day two!

White Hall Day One

The children have hit the ground running on day one of White Hall 2021! Group A has been out of the centre on the Monsal Trail abseiling down Millers Dale viaduct; Group B and D have completed the ropes course, the zipline and the infamous 'Leap of Faith' and Group C have been bouldering and traversing in the newly refurbished indoor climbing wall before going out of the centre to ride around the challenging mountain biking course. If all that wasn't enough- after a hearty dinner- we have also been exploring the centre's grounds whilst playing the 'Woods Have Eyes'. 

WH 1

Click on the image for more pictures of the first day!

E-Safety Advice

Big 3 Pupil SurveyPupils from across the school have recently taken part in a series of surveys to find out about their their experiences of school life at Kilburn Junior School, their life online (both at home and at school) and their opinions on transitioning to a new year group. We called this the KJS Big 3. We will share more of our findings from this survey in the coming weeks and ways that we can help children with issues they have raised. One interesting piece of information we found was regarding the children's views on the time that they spend online. As you can see below, well over half the children in the school answered 'yes' or 'maybe' to the question 'Do you think you spend too much time online?'. 67 of the 149 children surveyed also said that they sometimes go online when they should be asleep.

Life Online Survey
So what can you do to help your child to find a better balance with their use of the internet? Below, you will find a link to a free online magazine called 'Ditto' produced by Alan Mackenzie, an independent consultant specialising in online safety for young people. In this month's issue, you can find advice on redressing the balance for you and your child to get the most out of your time online without overdoing it. Enjoy!

Download DITTO-Ed-25-June

The Day of the Goblin King (PG)

Step aside Steven Spielberg, the Trailblazer team have expanded their operation out of the woods and onto the silver screen. The staff and children have been working hard for months throughout the difficult winter conditions (think, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant but harsher) to bring you this amazing feature film debut! The confidence, creativity and team work demonstrated by the children is fantastic and they have produced something unique and highly entertaining! Many thanks to all the children and staff who put the film together with particular praise going to Garry for his production, acting, editing, directing, special effects... what can't the man do?! Well done, everyone!

Warning: Young children beware, the goblins are particularly scary. 


No munchkin was harmed in the production of this feature film. 


Singing Returns to KJS!

As government guidelines ease, singing can finally return to Kilburn Junior School! It was fantastic to hear all the children singing together again in assembly under the expert guidance of Mrs Hinsley  from Star Generation Music who will be running a singing club in the final term of the year for children who wish to attend. 


Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all those children who received a certificate from their classroom teacher on Friday! Also, well done to the recipients of Mr Hull's Headteacher's Award! Keep up the hard work!


World Bee Day!

Today we celebrated World Bee Day! The children all looked fabulous in their costumes and managed to raise £90.10! Bee day

Bees Art Collage

Team Endurance produced some superb art related to bees! They have also began to devise a plan for how we can help the community to become more bee friendly. Keep your eyes peeled for further information.


Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all our achievement assembly winners this week. These children have been selected by their teachers for their hard work across the curriculum and for setting a good example to the children in lower school. Well done also to the recipients of the Headteacher's Special Awards.