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Achievement Assembly Winners!

Well done to all of our achievement assembly winners! You have all been recognised by your teachers for your hard work and effort in English over the last two weeks. Also, well done to Harvey for earning the Headteacher's Award this week!




Autism Awareness Week

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent Autism Awareness Week. Children shared experiences and made thoughtful contributions during activities designed to raise awareness of autism; in order for us all to develop our understanding and learn to support each other in school, at home and in the community.

Children created their own 'jigsaw piece' and proudly held it aloft to  celebrate difference  and recognise the diversity of the people and families living with autism, before coming together to produce our own interpretation of the Autism Awareness Ribbon.

AAD (2)


Easter Artwork

The children of Team Endurance have been working very hard today to create a piece of art inspired by a trip of ours to a local church. Whilst at St Clement's in Horsley, the children learned about the significance of Easter. I challenged them to get creative and to design and make a piece of art that represented the Easter story. As you can see, they really have excelled! Well done, Endurance!

Art Pic

Mini Leader Hoodies!

Our Year 6's could hardly contain their excitement today, as they received their brand new Mini Leader Hoodies!


A huge well done to all of our Mini Leaders, who have worked extremely hard this year and are continually showing such dedication in their roles and developing new, exciting games to try!

Achievement Assembly Winners!

Well done to all our achievement assembly winners this week. The children have all worked really hard in mathematics and stood out to their respective teachers for their perseverance, effort and progress. Also, well done to our Headteacher's Award winners for their consistent hard work and positive presence in the school.


An enjoyable Easter experience

What a lovely morning for a walk! Team Endeavour were in good spirits this morning and made thoughtful and respectful contributions during our Easter activities at Horsley Church. Children listened well and were creative in sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. We were very lucky to meet some lovely people and enjoy refreshments too. 




Well done to our achievement award winners for their hard work, effort and progress in English over the past week.  Well done to Eve for her good manners and politeness too.  For this she received the Headteacher's award.


Letters from the Front

As part of the children's study of WWI and the Christmas Truce, the children wrote imaginative letters from the front line.

As I am sure you will agree, Emily's letter captures the feeling of life at the time, and the events of Christmas 1914 brilliantly.



A Day In The Life at Kilburn Junior School

The above film, gives a flavour of our school ethos and the many wonderful opportunities on offer for our pupils.

Sandwich making and tasting

Mr Gordon’s class absolutely loved making and tasting sandwiches today. They learned some important food safety points as well as how to spread butter, mix their ingredients and chop ingredients safely under close supervision. As you can see from the pictures, it’s time to get them packing their own lunchboxes next week!