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Letters from the Front

As part of the children's study of WWI and the Christmas Truce, the children wrote imaginative letters from the front line.

As I am sure you will agree, Emily's letter captures the feeling of life at the time, and the events of Christmas 1914 brilliantly.



A Day In The Life at Kilburn Junior School

The above film, gives a flavour of our school ethos and the many wonderful opportunities on offer for our pupils.

Sandwich making and tasting

Mr Gordon’s class absolutely loved making and tasting sandwiches today. They learned some important food safety points as well as how to spread butter, mix their ingredients and chop ingredients safely under close supervision. As you can see from the pictures, it’s time to get them packing their own lunchboxes next week!


Team Endurance Lego 'Into Orbit' Project

We love it when people bring us exciting ideas and Mr Walters has brought us a real cracker! The Lego 'Into Orbit' project is an exciting and stimulating multi-national competition in which children compete to build and program robots to solve real-world scientific and engineering problems. There is also a project that runs alongside this to research and find solutions to these problems using the children's own creativity and problem solving skills. The core skills that this project aims to promote within the children are team work, communication, problem solving, design, engineering and computational thinking / computer programming. If that wasn't awesome enough, the project utilises Lego products (such as Lego 'Mindstorms')  to develop these essential skills!

1Click on the picture above to see more of the children's work on this project so far. 

A huge thank you to Mr Walters for bringing this idea to us, his enthusiasm and for generously devoting his Tuesday afternoons to running the project with us in school.


Well done to our 'Stars of the Week'

A huge well done to our stars of the week who have all shown excellence and determination in Maths. Also, congratulations to our Headteacher's Award winner, Dylan, for his positivity, and enthusiasm for learning.


Achievement award winners

Well done to our pupils for winning the class English Star Award this week.  They have all worked hard both inside and outside of school and achieved great success in English, especially with writing, grammar, spelling and reading.

We are really proud of you all.


Sports Day 2018


Tough Runner 2018

Well done to our Tough Runner Teams of 2018 for competing with such enthusiasm on one of the hottest days of the year! The course was tough (as you would expect from the name) but the children all pushed themselves and had fun leaping walls, crawling under cargo nets, carrying medicine balls and racing over a gruelling 20 metre duck walk! A huge thank you to the AVSSP for putting on such a great event and helping our kids make memories.

1Click above for more pictures from the event...


Animal Habitats

The children in upper school have been working hard to create animal habitats to encourage creatures to make our school grounds their home. We have produced bat boxes, bird boxes and insect habitats using a variety of D&T skills including accurate marking out, drilling, screwing and even burning designs into the wood to make them the highest possible quality. They have done a fantastic job so far. Next steps: add a small solar powered light to the bug boxes to encourage insects into the habitat.


Click on the link above to see some more pictures.

(We will add more as we complete more of our habitats)

Sport Relief Mini-Mukker Fudraising!

A huge congratulations to all our children who took part in the Mini-Mukker Killer Kilometre for working really hard to collect their sponsorship money. The children have raised a huge total- as you can see below- which will help Sport Relief to tackle critical issues affecting people across the UK and the rest of the world. A huge thanks to parents and family for supporting the event and sponsoring the children. What a team effort!

The Big Reveal
Click on the link below to find out where the money we have raised will go...