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A Day in the Life of Kilburn Junior School

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The Day of the Goblin King (PG)

Step aside Steven Spielberg, the Trailblazer team have expanded their operation out of the woods and onto the silver screen. The staff and children have been working hard for months throughout the difficult winter conditions (think, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant but harsher) to bring you this amazing feature film debut! The confidence, creativity and team work demonstrated by the children is fantastic and they have produced something unique and highly entertaining! Many thanks to all the children and staff who put the film together with particular praise going to Garry for his production, acting, editing, directing, special effects... what can't the man do?! Well done, everyone!

Warning: Young children beware, the goblins are particularly scary. 


No munchkin was harmed in the production of this feature film. 


Singing Returns to KJS!

As government guidelines ease, singing can finally return to Kilburn Junior School! It was fantastic to hear all the children singing together again in assembly under the expert guidance of Mrs Hinsley  from Star Generation Music who will be running a singing club in the final term of the year for children who wish to attend. 


Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all those children who received a certificate from their classroom teacher on Friday! Also, well done to the recipients of Mr Hull's Headteacher's Award! Keep up the hard work!


World Bee Day!

Today we celebrated World Bee Day! The children all looked fabulous in their costumes and managed to raise £90.10! Bee day

Bees Art Collage

Team Endurance produced some superb art related to bees! They have also began to devise a plan for how we can help the community to become more bee friendly. Keep your eyes peeled for further information.


Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all our achievement assembly winners this week. These children have been selected by their teachers for their hard work across the curriculum and for setting a good example to the children in lower school. Well done also to the recipients of the Headteacher's Special Awards.


Team Endurance Paceball Tester!

This week children from Kilburn Juniors have been introduced to an exciting and challenging new sport called Paceball! We were lucky enough to welcome one of its creators, Richard Smith, from into school to show the childen how to play this fast-paced team sport.  


Upper School Achievement Assembly Winners

A huge congratulations to the all the upper school children who received awards in today's achievement assembly. Well done for all your hard work and thank you for being excellent role models to the younger children in the school!


Viking Day Music Video!

I am pleased to announce that our Upper School Viking Day Music Video is now complete! It was a fantastic day, with the upper school children and staff being treated to a re-enactment of a Viking Funeral, by our terrific Trailblazers Team and to brilliant musical performances by our very own Team Endurance and Endeavour.

We hope you all really enjoy the video, featuring some of the highlights of the day and an incredible musical performance by the children in Team Endeavour.

Mr W

Kilburn Junior School Lockdown Challenges are Back!

Today I am pleased to announce that the Kilburn Junior School lockdown Challenges are back and their bigger and better than ever before!

During the last national lockdown we set a series of sporting challenges, which we then featured in a montage on our YouTube channel and website. These were incredibly successful and I know many of you really enjoyed taking part. But this time we are going a step further with brand new challenges AND some fantastic prizes!

So I am pleased to announce our first challenge called 'The Great Outdoors'. This is a photography challenge where we challenge you to take a fantastic photo of the great outdoors.
This could mean taking photos of nature, the weather, outdoor hobbies or activities, it could be anything. As long as it relates to 'The Great Outdoors'. You don't even need an expensive camera to take part as phones and tablets will do a fantastic job!

You can submit up to 3 photos and we will be creating a virtual gallery on our website and displaying all of the submission on a brand new display in school. We will also be entering all submissions into a competition where the winner will have their photo printed on canvas by JSPhotography who have kindly sponsored our challenge.

To take part, simply take some photographs of the great outdoors and select up to 3 of your favourite images and upload them to this assignment page by Friday 12th February.
As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck, stay safe and we'll see you soon!

Have A Fantastic Christmas!

Thank you for all of your support this year and we'll see you in the next.

Have a great Christmas!