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Animals from all over the world visit KJS!

To support their learning in science and geography, the children of upper school have had a visit from some amazing animals from across the world. The children were able to meet birds, lizards, snakes, spiders, and even a skunk to learn all about adaptation and evolution. The fantastic Steve from DWAEC (Dinosaur Wildlife Education Centre) was on hand to share his expertise and wow the children with a truly unique experience! What an afternoon!


Snake Man

Click on the image above for some more pictures from the day! More will be added soon!


Click on the link above for more information on DWAEC.



Achievement Assembly Winners!

Congratulations to the children receiving certificates in today's Achievement Assembly for their effort and hard work this week, especially in English.

Well done also to the children exemplifying our YOU22 Attributes too who received awards from their class teachers. Some of these children have even been recognised by their class teachers and the head teacher as well!  


RAF Cosford

The children of Upper School have been studying WWII over the past few weeks and, yesterday, visited RAF Cosford near Telford. The trip was a brilliant experience for the children who got to see, firsthand, some of the most famous planes to have ever been built from across both world wars and into the modern era too. They were also able to get a better understanding of how the end of World War II impacted the world in the amazing Cold War exhibit. What a brilliant day!  

RAF Cosford Cover

Click on the image above for some more pictures from the day!

Science Fair 2023!

Wow! We have been totally blown away by the children's entries to our end-of-term science fair! The pupils- supported brilliantly by their families at home- have excelled at producing some amazingly creative and interesting projects. What's more, the children across the school have spent time this afternoon learning from each other by visiting the fair and interacting with the projects. We have also had the pleasure of lots of family members in school this afternoon to enjoy our exhibits. What a fantastic event this has been; it has surpassed all of our expectations! Thank you to all the pupils and family members for all your hard work to make this such a brilliant event.  

Science Fair pic

Click on the image above for some more photos from today's amazing science fair. 

Science Fair Poster


White Hall 2023 (Day Five)

What a fantastic week we have had! The children have been brilliant all week pushing themselves to try new things and conquer their fears. They have also been a wonderful team, encouraging each other and supporting each other to learn new skills and develop key You 22 attributes that will stand them in good stead as they continue to grow up. We are very proud of all of the children and we hope they have all had an experience of a lifetime.  

WH 5

Click on the image above for the pics from day five! Please note, I have also updated some of the photos from the previous days too. Have fun looking through!


Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to the boys and girls awarded certificates in today's Achievement Assembly for their effort, hard work and positivity throughout the week.

We also presented English Star of the Week  awards to a child from each of the classes remaining.  It was a much smaller Friday assembly than usual and we look forward to seeing our Year 6 children back in school next week!



White Hall 2023 (Day Four)

The children have had a novel forth day at White Hall with groups trying out two brand-new activities amongst a few of the classic favourites. After the best set of room inspections I have ever witnessed, one group attempted to create the highest tower they could on the perilous crate stack challenge- sounds easy except that they are required to stand on the top of the tower whilst they are building it! Another team donned wetsuits and buoyancy aids to go stream scrambling and pool diving at Fairbrook: a beautiful area hidden away in the middle of Snake Pass  (a place no other KJS pupil has ever been with the centre). We also had another 'full house' with every child from group A completing the terrifying Miller's Dale Viaduct abseil. What a truly tremendous group!

WH 4

Click on the image above to see some more pictures of the day's events.

White Hall 2023 (Day Three)

It's Wednesday at White Hall and the children are having a great time! We're half way through the week but the pace hasn't slackened. As you will see from the photos below, the children are pushing themselves to improve their You 22 skills- particularly team work, resilience, confidence and independence. We're very proud of all they have achieved so far but they have still have some big challenges ahead of them!

WH 3

Click on the image above for (a lot) of photos from day three! Have fun sifting through!

White Hall 2023 (Day Two)

What a day at White Hall! The groups have been out and about all over Derbyshire today, with the children canoeing at Combs Reservoir, rock scrambling at Harborough Rocks and abseiling at Millers Dale viaduct. We even played a brand new game around the centre this evening called 'Haggis Bandits'. The children working in teams to buy and sell haggis for a profit whilst avoiding the crafty haggis bandit who lives in the woods. 

WH 2

Click on the image above for some more pictures from day two!

White Hall 2023 (Day One)

Day one at White Hall has been jam packed with activities! After getting settled into the centre, the children have explored the ropes course, the climbing wall and been rock scrambling at the Roaches. All this finished off with the obligatory night hike to Fernilee Reservoir in the pitch black. They'll sleep tonight... we hope.

WH 1

Click on the image above for some photos from today's exploits.