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This week in TB - WC 22/04/24

Awesome news: yesterday, Mrs Hull spotted our resident robins visiting a small box attached to one of our trees...we had a sneaky peek in and spotted four delightful chicks sitting in a cosy little nest!  We were impressed by how much food the mummy and daddy bird were bringing to feed their babies - they are working their socks off!


Lower School have started their sessions with a TB poetry challenge - we went on a walk round the school site and spotted things we would like to write a line of poetry about.  Once back in the fire-circle, we wrote our line, ensuring it included two nouns, determiners, adjectives and an adverb.  We performed our poem as a big group, ensuring we all used our loud, outside voices!

Following this, we carouselled round our four challenges: Tree-Spirit faces (to protect the trees from the goblins), playground design and construction (for the munchlings), animal-footprint tile manufacture (linked to the animals of Ghana) and round-house clay application.  


Upper School have started their sessions with a Maya symbol challenge - they were provided with the name and explanation of a powerful Maya symbol and they had to interpret the description and make their version of it.  They then had to present their symbol to another team and, following this, they had to present another teams symbol to another team - this required us to be very inquisitive and have great communication skills!


After hot t'yocky and a story, we then cracked on with Maya sword design and manufacture (tons of DT skills here) and Maya cooking - with the cooking, we are making tortillas from scratch (red corn-flour), vegetable cous-cous and hot chocolate made from cocoa nibs (ground in the mortar and pestle, strained through a sieve and sweetened with rainforest honey) - the taste of the Maya!



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