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This week in TB - WC 14/04/24

What mixed weather we have had this week!  Full credit to the resilience of Endurance on Monday morning who endured a strong westerly wind, hail, rain...I think I was the coldest I have ever been in TB!


Lower school are looking into cacao production this term, so, as most of our cacao comes from Ghana, we have have started sessions with a reading challenge linked to Ghanian animals. 


Pictures of 13 animals native to Ghana...13 written descriptions...the children had to match the written description to the right animal and then record an interesting fact about each - did you know that the Patas Monkey is a faster sprinter than Usain Bolt!

During the above challenge, we found two letters from told us about leaf-cutter goblins stripping leaves from our wood and the other was a request for a playground for the newly hatched munchlings!


Following our hot t'yocky, we undertook the following challenges: make the faces of tree-spirits on the trees to scare away the leaf-cutter goblins; make a munchling playground; create clay tiles of the footprints of Ghanian animals; add clay to the walls of the stone-age roundhouse.  


Upper School have started their sessions with a poetry challenge - we read and commented on a selection of Spring poetry before learning to craft our own line of poetry including determiners, nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.  Once written, we each read our line to the rest of the class!


Following this, children undertook challenges linked to their topic: the Maya.  Two groups worked on making a version of the Maya sword, the macuahuitl (pronounced: mac-wah-wittle), and others learned about the structure of typical Maya cities before having a go at making some of the structures found within them.  




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