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This week in TB - WC 25/03/24

Most groups started sessions this week with an exciting game of Baby Bird.  Male birds had to attract a mate and then work with their partner to build a nest, into which they placed three eggs.  While protecting these eggs, they had to venture out into the wood and collect insects (pasta spirals) to feed their young when they hatched.  


Sounds like a lovely, calm game eh?  But then came the marauding magpies...attacking the nests and trying to steal the eggs - partner birds had to become aggressive in order to scare off the invaders...but would they be scary enough?


At the end of the game, performance was scored as follows - 10 points per retained egg and 1 point for each insect collected - how did your child do?


Lower school then carried on with their Roman themed work - some finished maces, others worked on the fort with a few finishing LL boards.  Also, we had groups taking the treats parents kindly sent in to set up Easter Egg Hunts (EEHs) - we enjoyed these treats at the end of our session!


Upper School children likewise carried on with their Greek themed work - rota boards are now finished, more children have experienced the food from The Odyssey and a few have started a wooden collage of the Trojan horse.  


Finally, a 'big-up' to the actors in Endurance who performed the scenes they had written for The Odyssey - they presented these to the rest of the class at the end of their session and they were magnificent - super confident!  They even used the boat kindly donated by The Browns as Odysseus' ship - genius!


Huge thanks to parents for sending the little treats in for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Happy Easter one and all...


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