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This week in TB - WC 18/03/24

A real sense of spring in the wood this week: warmer temperatures, daffs in full bloom, a green-haze in the trees and tadpoles swimming in the pond!


Most classes started sessions this week with a development of last week's Sculpture Challenge - this week, groups had to make their own sculpture and then write a set of instructions for its construction - they gave these instructions to another group who had to try and follow them to make a matching sculpture.  


After construction, groups got together and shared thoughts on the quality and accuracy of the instructions, highlighting any ambiguities - we scored our efforts out of 16 and discussed reasons why accuracy was so important when writing a set of instructions.  

As a little alternative starter, Courage undertook the Alphabet Challenge (collect objects from around the wood that start with all the letters of the alphabet!  My favorite was a large worm for 'W') and Disco Small learned techniques for sketching flowers before having a go at drawing one of our beautiful daffodils.     


Following this, Lower School continued with the Roman theme, with a new group tackling the fort, some finishing LL boards and others making garum and lentil stew.  New this week has been an exploration of Roman weapons and battle techniques - this has culminated in us starting to make Roman maces.  

Upper School have finished their Greek pottery and started / finished carving Rota boards in Plaster of Paris.  New this week has been writing playscripts and acting scenes from The Odyssey and cooking some of the food Odysseus and his men encountered on their journey.  


With the cooking, the children have prepared and sampled a banquet as follows: goat's cheese and bread from the Cyclops; beef Stifado (Greek stew) from Helios' cows on Thrinacia; grilled helumi, bread, honey, rasins and pomegranates from Circe; wine (grape juice), olives and Tzatziki from Calypso.  


There were a lot of new flavours, herbs and spices for the children to experience and the vast majority rose to the challenge and sampled all that was on offer - how nice to be able to explore the journey of this Greek King through food! 



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