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This week in TB - WC 26/02/24

How wonderful to be back in the wood - it's been chilly, but beautiful...and amazing to be surrounded by so many signs of spring.  What signs, I hear you ask...well: hazel leaves un-furling, daffodils out, cuckoo-pint up, frog spawn in pond (2 weeks earlier than in 2020), blossom on the plum trees...and Mr Hudson has had to mow the field already!

We have all started sessions this week with the 'Great TB Bird Spot' - 22 pictures of local birds placed round the wood...the children had to find them all and identify the bird in the image...would you know your blue-tit from your great-tit or your bull-finch from your gold-finch?  I'll announce winners here in a couple of days...there will be a prize - oooohhhh!


Lower School have then undertaken challenges linked to their Roman topic: Cooking - making an ancient Roman lentil recipe along with a fermented fish and red wine dressing (Garum); researching and making a miniature Roman fort; creating a map showing which countries the Romans invaded with accompanying dates; crafting their own version of the Roman board game Ludus Latruncolurum (game of little soldiers).  



Upper School have likewise undertaken challenges linked to their Ancient Greek a cheeky challenge drawing on their RE theme last term: make a munchkin place of worship using knowledge gained on Christian cathedrals last term (we were asked to do this in a letter left for us by Flame); make the Ancient Greek board-game, Rota (cast board in Plaster of Paris) - lots of maths here using rulers, protractors and compasses; research and create a version of a Greek pot in clay.  




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