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This week in TB - WC 27/11/23

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...she's been a chilly one!  We had the first ice of the year on the pond, so the ice-hammers came out and we had a smashing time!


Lower School have had a cave-tastic time in TB this week - the tunnel was transformed into a petrifying cavern, complete with stone-effect walls, pre-historic cave paintings and haunting sound effects.  By candle-light, the children had to enter this chasm, navigate their way to a clear-spot on the cave wall and undertake their own stone-age-themed art-work using the horse-hair paint-brush they crafted last week - all we had for light was a dim, flickering candle.  


Before entering the cave, we discussed archeological research on why and how stone-age people produced the wonderful cave paintings that they did.  Following the experience, we shared our thoughts and feelings on undertaking art in such an environment: 'Tricky as my candle went out - I wonder what stone age people would have done if their candle went out'; 'scary - I didn't like the noises'; 'hard to hold the candle and paint at the same time'; 'I lost my charcoal and couldn't find it'; 'it was quite cramped'; 'my arm ached as I'm not used to painting on a wall'; 'it was calming - I could stay down here all day'; 'the shadows made it hard to see the work clearly'.    


While children were waiting for their turn down in the cave, they added more clay to the walls of the round house (interesting how the frost has affected the walls here) or started to make their very own stone age axe (we found a hoard of axe heads in a leather sack in the bottom of Stig's grave and decided to use them).  


Upper School children either started their session making a Belski-inspired camouflaged-shelter or by visiting the frozen pond. 

Following this, they undertook three challenges: construct a lantern inspired by the Jewish celebration, Hanukkah; make the board game 'Nine Men's Morris', as mentioned in the Jewish holy book, The Talmud; craft a Christmas Snowman! 


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