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This Week in TB - WC 20/11/23

Phew...we've had a much calmer week in TB this week and we really needed it after recent shenanigans!


Stig has been seen mooching round the wood and he has been out hunting and gathering - he is, apparently, quite partial to a roasted squirrel!


Lower School children started sessions by recreating the book Leaf-Man, before retelling the story as a group - they were Creative and Precise with pictures and Confident when reading their lines.  


Following this, some made paint brushes while others constructed representations of famous Stone-Age monuments locate in the UK (they researched information about these and had to place them accurately on a map).  A final few finished the willow weaving on the round house before starting to apply a clay paste to the walls - Wattle and Daub-tastic (huge thanks to Mr Rogers for the trailer full of clay).  


Upper School children undertook an orienteering course which featured pictures from the Holocaust as the controls - in pairs, they had to study each picture and interpret / answer questions about them: what does the picture show?; how does the picture make you feel?; what would you like to ask the people in the pictures?...  


Following this, teams joined together and shared their ideas - the focus here was discussion and finding different interpretations of the same picture.  


After hot chocky and a story, groups did their final carousel around the survival challenge, latke cooking and the Star of David investigation.  


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