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This week in TB - WC 13/11/23

Things got way crazy in TB this week...I mean...things have been crazy before, but this...well...let's just say it reached a new level...


So...Lower School children entered the wood to find Garry running round like a loon, shield and sword in hand.  He was like a mad man...going crazy...lashing out at anything that moved; turned out he'd been attacked by a goblin-scout (Ziggy)!


As we calmed Garry down, we saw the goblin in the corner of the wood, and, as we gave chase, he dropped an orange document - the document was a secret message to Zamadeth stating that the lost Goblin Resurrection Scroll (GRS) had been located and that the goblins intended to use this to resurrect the Stone-Age man whom they would then use to attack the munchkins!


What were we to do?  We considered hiding the Stone-Age man's skeleton but feared the goblins would be able to sniff it out...then...a brave child suggested that WE undertake the resurrection and use the Stone-Age man to defeat the goblins!


So...that's what we did...and we now have ourselves a genuine, bona-fide Stone Age man named Stig Du Dump living in the wood, protecting the munchkins!  Craziness!


While we were preparing for the ritual, we had a bit of time to spare so a few children made paint brushes or cracked on with the round-house (which will now become Stig's official residence).  

Upper School explored the book Leaf-Man - children took individual pages and then replicated the pictures with leaves on carpet tiles.  We finished by re-telling the whole story as a group.  


Following this, we carouselled round the three activities from last week: Latke cooking (now evolved to include a cheese filling), the survival challenge and exploration of the Star of David.  



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