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This week in TB - WC 20/03/23

Spring has definitely been in the air this week in TB - the daffs are out, the blossom is on the fruit trees and the black dots in the frog spawn have turned to 'commas'.  

Collage 2023-03-20 12_39_32

With Monday having been International Day of Happiness, children started sessions with a mindfulness challenge which saw them drawing flowers, while at the same time considering and noting three things: who was the last person you made happy by doing something unexpected; who was the last person to make you happy by doing something unexpected; what makes you happy?


We shared our ideas round the fire and considered whether it was a nicer feeling to do something for someone else or to have them do something for us.  During this, we focused on our communication skills; sitting up, looking at the speaker and projecting the voice when speaking. 

Following this, Lower school undertook several challenges: pizza making (focus on measures here), whale measuring (running and measuring links here), gardening (linking to their topic last term) and whale collaging (the piece depicts a whale swimming through a plastic sea).  


Upper school continued their Viking theme: shield making, picture-stone carving, drama (an adaptation of How to Train your Dragon).  We also had children continuing work on their Human Circulation representation.  

Collage 2023-03-20 18_30_55

With the shields and carving, it's been wonderful seeing how the children have used the 'maths' equipment to help them be precise with their designs.  It's also been fantastic seeing them hammering the rivets into their shields and carving their 'stone' with metal chisels - things the Vikings would have been doing all those years ago!




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