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This week in TB - WC 13/03/23

Classes have started sessions this week with a game of 'Fledglings' - a game designed to give us a taste of the trials and tribulations facing birds at this time of year.  The male 'birds' had to attract a female mate then, as a pair, make a nest, hatch three chicks and collect insects to feed these chicks. 


Sounds easy?  Well, not so as there were three marauding magpies terrorising the wood, trying to steal chicks from nests - only well coordinated, aggressive parents would be able to scare them away and ensure the survival of their chicks - links were made here to last terms Science topic - evolution and survival of the fittest.  


Following this, we had three challenges - pizza making (maths links made here to weights and measures as well as temperature), whale collaging (links to the topic and maths here - measures and angles) and whale measuring (again...maths links to measuring!); the equipment used included weighing scales, measuring jugs, thermometers, tape measures, meter sticks, set-squares, trundle wheels and rulers - mathstastic! #precision


Upper school children have continued with their Viking theme - picture stone carving, shield making, long-boat constructing and drama linked to 'How to Train Your Dragon'.  We have also had children making representations of the circulatory system (supporting work in Science) and creating a sculpture to represent Skellig.  


With the stones and shields, we have been supporting children to accurately use protractors, set-squares and rulers to ensure accuracy in their designs - it's amazing how much maths there is in some of the designs of our WAGOLL shields.  






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