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This week in TB - WC 30/01/23

Dare I say goes...things are warming up a bit down in the wood and signs of spring are showing - the daffs are peeping, hazel has grown it's catkins, elder leaves are unfurling and the blossom on the plum trees is ready to go.  


Upper School started sessions with exploring how artists add 'value' (shading / tone) to a sketch...we looked at different techniques before having a go at shading in an outline of our magnificent oak tree.  It was wonderful seeing how the children identified light and dark parts of the subject and then applied different techniques to bring their picture to life: stippling, scribbling, hatching, cross hatching etc.  


After this, we continued work on our Inclusion / Community art pieces, finished bird-feeders and owl art designs before some of us moved on to explore bird's feet and consider Inheritance, Adaptation and Evolution - we made representations of the bird's feet in clay and considered how the 'design' of the foot enabled the bird to survive in its chosen habitat.  


Lower School children had a look at the book 'Invisible' and reminded themselves of the themes and characters therein (this is a book they have studied in the classroom).  Following this, we looked at our school and considered the things we were grateful for and the things we would like to improve.  


We took inspiration for improvements we could make at school from the characters in the book, with some children making pine-cone bird-feeders (like the homeless man) and others making planters for flowers (like the elderly lady).  


Additionally, a final few children undertook the Mary Anning fossil challenge - making their own fossils and finding real life fossils in our mud-pit. 



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