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The 'Unfairground'

This afternoon, the children in Team Resilience have taken part in an 'unfairground' to contextualise their learning in English. During this session, the children experienced many different activities which were unfair: games where the rules change each round, activities that only boys or girls could take part in and circus lessons which were restricted to certain children. They also experienced unfairness in the food distribution at the fair. 

At the end of this English unit, the children will be writing speeches that campaign for change at the unfairground.

They will take their inspiration from other key people throughout history who have also fought for equality and equity: Marcus Rashford, Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Parkhurst and Thomas Bernardo. 


What the children said:

"The unfairground needs to change, all people should be allowed the opportunity to learn a new skill."

"People should not be separated for their gender. We should all be allowed to play together."

"The unfairground should not sell food unless they have enough for everyone!"


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