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This week in TB - WC 21/11/22

Some in Upper School started their session with The Sniper Game - three hidden enemy sniper teams in the wood, Platoon KJS had to enter the wood, find these teams and eliminate them with hand-grenades without getting shot!  A nerve-racking experience!

Collage 2022-11-21 12_44_28

Following on from this, classes commenced work on their memorials - designed to honor the munchkins who sadly fell in a skirmish with the goblins three weeks ago.  

Collage 2022-11-22 12_34_15

Teams worked phenomenally well together, displaying YOU22 attributes such as Collaboration, Safety Conscious, Organised and Communication.  Precision was also shown with maths skills, where components were accurately measured and laid out using protractors!

Collage 2022-11-22 16_32_21

A break-away group also continued the muddy and back-breaking job of constructing the WW1 trench - we now have a dug out, firing step, revetment, wire tangle defense and sand-bag wall.  Interestingly, when digging the sump, we have uncovered a spring, so the gully dug last week is now a permanent stream!

Lower School started with bit of poetry - each child wrote three words about TB and we read our ideas out one after the other to make one long poem - it was wonderful, and the children read with bags of expression.  

Following this, Mr W and Miss R took these ideas and undertook performance poetry involving instruments and movement - great Confidence and Organisation shown by the children here.  

Collage 2022-11-22 07_06_22

Additionally in LS, we have had leaf-den builders, pond dippers and mallet makers.  Oh, and a few children made little boats which we sailed down our new stream!


Finally, thanks so much to parents for making sure children have all the right gear for sessions - it makes such a big difference to their enjoyment and ability to fully participate in the offered experiences!



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