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This week in TB - WC 14/11/22

LS have continued with challenges which will enable them to gain stickers for their Embark Award - a new challenge this week was to make a structure with their classmates (Teamwork: 20: Build a structure with a team in class); two teams chose to build shelters, with a third making a circus big-top!

Collage 2022-11-16 18_08_46

The pond-dippers have all been enthralled by the mini-beasts we have found and have enjoyed using ID sheets to identify them and to learn about their life-cycles; we loved the little critters so much we started calling them 'pond treasure'!  Trivia fact: did you know that a dragonfly nymph escapes danger by squirting water out of its bottom?!

Collage 2022-11-16 18_06_38

A final few in LS prepared and led a funeral service for Flick, a munchkin warrior who died in a skirmish with the goblins.  It was a lovely ceremony with music and verse...both composed especially for the event.  Trivia fact: when a munchkin passes away, its spirit enters the trees from where it is reborn as another munchkin!

Collage 2022-11-14 19_30_24

Using Mr Barber's WW1 battle-field guide book, Upper school children have begun work on a life-sized WW1 trench.  Soldiers from the Endurance Regiment began work at the firing-line, digging out the first metre or so of trench. 

Collage 2022-11-15 17_12_58

In pouring rain, Equality Regiment took over, extending the trench, filling sand-bags and adding duck boards to try and keep themselves out of the rising water. 

Shift over and still in torrential rain, Endeavour Regiment took over, finding the trench 300mm deep in muddy water; under heavy enemy machine gun fire, soldiers continued filling sand-bags but also dug a 10m gully to drain the trench - thankfully this worked a treat!  Next week: fixed duck boards, sump, sand-bagging, wall-cladding, fire-step, ammo-shelf and barbed wire.  

Collage 2022-11-14 19_28_23

I have to say, helping Equality Regiment with the trench was an incredible experience and gave a phenomenal insight into the hardships real soldiers in WW1 endured - we were soaking wet, covered in mud and exhausted after an hour and a half and we got to go home, dry our clothes and have a bath!  We tried keeping our head down for 'fear' of being shot, but this made the work all the more tiring and tricky to accomplish.  

US children not on the firing line remained in barracks and designed memorials for the munchkin soldiers who died in a battle with the goblins last week.  They looked at examples of memorials from around the world, magpied ideas and used these to create their own design - construction begins next week.  


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