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This week in TB - WC 19/09/22

Lower School children entered the wood this week hoping to find Mr Stink but he was not to be found. Apparently, the Duchess is a little under the weather so he's attending to her needs in his new heard that dwelling!

Collage 2022-09-21 15_37_15

After the children gave him shelter ideas last weekend, he borrowed some of our resources and constructed himself a modest property in a nearby copse. He says he's very happy there and looking forward to seeing the children once the Duchess has recovered.

Collage 2022-09-21 16_01_28

He had, however, left the children a letter. Inspired by their kindness and empathy, he has decided to make more changes to his life starting with...a bath! 

For this he needs our help as he has no shampoo - could we make him some? 

Collage 2022-09-21 15_40_03

Of course we could! So, donning our DT hats we set to work. First, research shampoos and discover popular ingredients and their purposes. Next, discover shampoo USPs. Then, consider Mr Stink's problems and shampoo requirements.  Following this, select ingredients to solve these problems. 

Forage for ingredients...weigh and measure (lots of maths here)...precisely record recipe...prepare and blend...heat over fire...filter and bottle. 

Finally, we gave our products names and developed USPs. 

This experience will be used by the children in English where they will write instruction texts. #crosscurriculartastic. 

Upper School started with a progression from last week's Sculpture Challenge...complete another sculpture but this time with no verbal communication! Wow...would this even be possible!? 

Collage 2022-09-20 12_29_59

The children excelled, finding other ways to communicate, organise and support eachother...some children even said the process was better without talking as it made things calmer and more focussed. 

Collage 2022-09-20 17_57_36_edit_65187075619219

Following this, we cracked on with practicing the tool skills that the children identified they would need when building their bridges. 

Oh, and we did have one small breakaway group who completed the roundhouse they started last year...this group was skillfully overseen by our very own Mr Hull, who amazed us all by not breaking any of the tools he was entrusted with! 

Joking aside, the children loved their time with Mr H, stating that they wanted to give him a Gold Star for Helpful and Positive Attitude! He was beaming! 



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