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TB this week - 27/06/22

This week, we've had a big focus on the school pond. For weeks, she's been out of action due to a blanket weed invasion...but last week, myself, Garry and Rufus managed to clear it.

Collage 2022-06-27 12_07_39

So...dipping commenced and we discovered wonderful things: dragonfly and damselfly larvae, mayfly nymphs, greater and lesser waterboatmen, hog-louse...but most amazingly...oodles of stickleback fry and several mature male sticklebacks in their breeding colours (red and blue).

Collage 2022-06-27 16_05_56

What's incredible is that 18 months ago, Mr Hull put seven stickle back fry into the pond - how successfully they have reproduced! Let us know if you want any fry for your pond.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_42_45

Most classes started the week with Crazy Crow - a high octane game requiring Collaboration, Organisation and Communication. There were some incredibly competitive battles here which were awesome fun to watch.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_44_26

In the wood, we found a letter from Flame...the munchkins loved our places of worship and have clans visiting next week for communal worship - the munchkin lady folk asked the children to make play areas to keep the visiting munchlings entertained.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_47_39

DT skills were needed here and the children made some incredible attractions which I am confident the munchlings will love (much tool-use, Collaboration and Creativity were called for).

Collage 2022-06-29 13_24_43

Others in LS took their turn at map drawing or made a marbe run.

Collage 2022-06-30 13_01_31

Y6 children have undertaken some tasks in preperation for The Air Crash Challenge - cooking and bike building.

Collage 2022-06-30 13_03_43

Other USers have continued work on sculptures, cracked on with the London Underground map, made stoneage axes, crafted dragonflies in clay or made shrines to the tree-spirits. 


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