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This week in TB - 20/06/22

Lower school started sessions this week by listening to prayers and poems about gratitude. We discussed the things we had in our lives that we should be grateful for, and considered how we may sometimes forget just how blessed we are. 

Collage 2022-06-20 12_06_10

After this, children found a quiet spot in the wood and scribed something to show the things they were grateful for...some wrote their own poems and prayers and others made lists or drew pictures.

Collage 2022-06-20 15_46_34

We tasked the children with taking their work home and showing it to parents / carers...then saying THANKYOU! What was your child grateful for? 

Collage 2022-06-21 19_20_25

We also had a letter from Flame...the munchkin population has hit 103, so he's recieved funding to construct a place of worship to the Munchkin Supreme Leader, Munchimus Maximus - he charged us with the build! 

Some of the children therefore explored images of churches and shrines from various religions before designing and building something suitable for the munchkins. 

Others undertook cooking, explored flowers or made maps. 

Collage 2022-06-24 08_50_10

In Upper School, we examined 10 sculptures and tried to interpret meaning - we were very mature and inquisitive here: 

Collage 2022-06-24 08_52_42

Following this, some cooked, made wooden sculptures, created and presented themed multi-media sculptures, made a munchkin shrine, rigged tarps, buried a baby blackbird, recreated the Great Fire of London or made a version of the London underground map! 

Collage 2022-06-22 12_38_05

Collage 2022-06-21 19_16_54



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