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This week in TB - WC 22/11/21

No strange goings on in TB this week which has been a relief...with the colder weather, a calm has settled over the wood. 

Collage 2021-11-22 12_50_19

LS found a letter from Stig, asking if they could construct a stone age barrow to protect some sacred bones he had acquired - he told us they were an offering to the spirits in exchange for fruitful hunting.

Collage 2021-11-22 16_20_56

Over the weekend, Stig taught me how to make a stone age axe; I got some bits together and made a few with the children to try out.

Others have cracked on with the roundhouse, adding willow lats and making / fixing rosebay willowherb thatching - it's looking awesome!

A group also read 'Stone Age Baby' - we enjoyed the book and decided to make our own cave, creating colourful pictures to adorn it's walls.

Collage 2021-11-23 17_49_12

Our starter this week was leaf rubbing - we were staggered by how into this the children were...they were mesmerised as the image of their leaf 'magically' appeared on the paper; why not grab a wax crayon and give it a go this weekend?

US started with the 'Potato Challenge' (thanks for these) - they had to be Creative, Problem Solving and Safety Conscious and make something interesting, incorporating their potato!

Collage 2021-11-23 12_33_28

We had various creatures, candle holders, bar-skittles, bowls type was great seeing the children so engaged and enthused by eachothers ideas - Collaborativetastic!

Collage 2021-11-25 12_41_52

This week saw the final round of our RE themed carousel, and in reflection we shared our favourite of the four challenges, explaining why it were so. 


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