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TB this week - 15/11/21

Most classes started their session with a woodland massage - we worked with someone we trusted, asked their permission to touch them, and then rolled a tennis ball on their back and lower legs - the children found this to be a wonderfully relaxing experience, particulaly given the woodland location. Why not ask your child to try it on you? 

LS then took on a challenge to support creative writing - an orienteering course set up which they had to navigate of pre-historic animals at the controls...teams of three had to collaborate to write two descriptive sentences about each of the animals.

Collage 2021-11-15 12_07_59

The children made great observations about the different animals and were able to use the map to navigate to each control. After, we discussed reasons the animals were now extinct, linking this to the impact of stone-age man and making connections to the history curriculum.

Collage 2021-11-15 16_30_30

Orienteering completed, we carried on with paint brushes and round house construction, with a third challenge being to create a collage-map of Britain, with models of the top 10 stone age monuments layed onto this. 

The round houses now have willow-woven walls and roof rafters added - hopefully we are going to thatch one with rose-bay willow-herb from the pond area.

Collage 2021-11-16 16_02_54

Upper school have continued their RE themed work linked to Judaism.

Classes started with an orienteering course where images of the Holocaust were the controls - teams had to locate the images and then debate and record their personal observations and feelings, prompted by three set questions.

Collage 2021-11-16 16_05_38

We reflected on what we had seen and shared our thoughts on the image that had impacted us most deeply.

RE learning continues around Hanukkah and the Star of David, and through all challenges we have reflected on the YOU22 focus of the week: Safety Conscious. 

Collage 2021-11-17 12_26_36

We identified all of the risks evident in the session, before sharing opinions of how we had all remained un-injured.

Collage 2021-11-18 12_24_10

We'd had ladders, loppers, knives, saws, fire, boiling water, gas-stoves, boiling oil, peelers, sharp nails, hammers, spiked sticks...but we all remained safe as we have Risk Assessments, Trained Staff, competent children and children who look out for and support each other.



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