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This week in TB - WC 11/10/21

Lower School started their sessions with a search for colours - we had to forage things that were red, yellow, green, brown and purple; we were surprised by the range of items we found which were of both natural and man-made origins. 

Collage 2021-10-11 12_59_03

The main challenge had an orienteering focus that was linked to their Smeds and Smoos topic book.

Twelve organisms were selected from the book, creatures and plants Bill and Janet discovered on their adventure across the universe, which the children had to scientifically observe before making collages of them in trays. The challenge was to use a minimum of paint, finding colours to use / match in nature.

Collage 2021-10-11 15_30_02

Once made, collages were put in specific locations around the school grounds that were marked on a map - we then went round in groups to find and identify them all - the coveted Double Biccy Award for the first team back!

Collage 2021-10-12 21_14_34

Children had to be Problem Solving, Creative, Precise and Organised to be successful!

Upper School children started by undertaking the orienteering course set out by Discovery - they were amazed by the Precision of the map and Creativity of the collages (favourites were The Three Armed Botty Pincher, Stiltosarus and Gary' s Dad).

Collage 2021-10-12 12_06_20

The new challenges this week were two fold:

1) to turn the LS book Smeds and Smoos into a play script which could then be performed to a few children from Lower School.

Mr Hull came into the wood to visit Equality, saw their performance and asked the children to perform it in the Awards Assembly next Friday - no pressure there then.

2) make a re-entry craft to protect an eggstronaut on returning to Earth from space - this would be dropped from the drone at 120m altitude for testing. 

Collage 2021-10-13 14_49_18

Design criteria were set, materials tested, prototypes made - will the parachute deploy? Will it float? Will the heat shield save the egg from being hard boiled? We'll find out next week.

Collage 2021-10-14 18_14_19

Other children continued with planet mobiles (we've made a bigger one to go in TBHQ) and made universe biscuits - these were delicious! 


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