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Tudor Wedding at KJS

As the morning sun filtered through the crown of hazel leaves that shield the TB church, a nervous King Louis XIII of France (Noah) stood betwixed two spans of fluttering bunting, awaiting the congregation that would witness his marriage to Mary Tudor (Morgan) - huge thanks here to Noah and Morgan for the maturity they brought to their roles. 

Also waiting with him, offering support and words of wisdom, were the Royal Priest, Blayze, the English Queen, Catherine of Aragon, and perhaps the deadliest king of all, Henry VIII.

To the pluckings of period music and rhythmic banging of drums, the congregation arrived, were seated and bore witness to the ramblings of a king keen to sweeten relationships with a country he had been at war with for many a year - France.

Henry agreed to observe a selection of entertainments performed by the congregation, including poetry, song, drama, art and dance - only once did he have to threaten to chop off someone's head!

Entertainments over, the marriage of Louis and Mary was conducted by Blayze and there wasn't a dry eye in the house - a spectacularly beautiful event, holding true to the Tudor tradition.

After congratulations had been given to the bride and groom, a feast was held in the KJS banqueting Hall, consisting of produce readily available during Henry's reign.

The event truly was a wonderful way to showcase the work the children had produced as part of their topic - credit here needs to go to the teachers and TAs for their hard work (especially given the disruption caused by covid).

Also, huge thanks to Blayze for freely giving his time to research and write a period correct order of service, and then for travelling north to be a key part of the day - you brought real pzazz to proceedings and we are very grateful.

Next, thanks to Gary and Jayne for all their hard work and 'above and beyond' in making the event a success - Gary now adds Henry VIII to his repertoire.

Finally, big up to the catering team who did a phenomenal job with the banquet and gave up their own time to make the hall look incredible!

Oh, and to Mr Whiteman for his incredible photography skills...evidence of which you can see below!

A huge team effort...thanks Team KJS!


Click on the photo above to view the full album. 


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