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This week in Trailblazer - 26/04/21

A fine week in TB focusing on the Water Cycle in LS and Flowering Plants / Pollination in US.

Collage 2021-04-27 16_18_58

Children were given the opportunity to explore these ideas through music / drama, paint and collage. 

Collage 2021-04-28 14_40_04

Collage 2021-04-26 15_18_31

We had to use a lot of our YOU22 skills, particulaly Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving and Confident - staff were pleased to see unexpected children shining brightly within their teams, making wonderful contributions, and were additionaly warmed by the frequency with which children rewarded the efforts of their peers with pins!

Collage 2021-04-27 12_39_57

Collage 2021-04-29 13_37_15

A little sideline was continuation of the work on the Great Hall - gable ends are now complete, shingles are all installed, gargoils have been added and mini decorative shields made and fixed to the internal framework - we intend to add a fence, furniture and mannequins dressed as vikings next week and, once finished, light a fire in the hearth!

Collage 2021-04-30 13_01_14

We've also continued work excavating the soil mounds on the field - they've turned up Victorian pottery, fossils, roof tiles, decades old glass and two incredible vulcanite bottle tops perhaps dating from the late 1800s (we wondered if they were ones Mr Hull had discarded when he were a lad). 

Collage 2021-04-26 12_25_30


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