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Endurance TB - KilburnAir Survival Challenge

The Y6 arrived at school today to find no teachers, just a note informing them they had won a trip to South Africa! They were instructed to get their passports, collect a ticket and get to flight check-in by 09:10.

At KilburnAir check-in, they were greeted by the delightful Kirsty, who took food orders, checked passports and issued seat numbers. 

Passengers were taken aboard the Boeing 737TBHQ by the handsome stewardess Gary, who saw them to their seats before offering pre-flight refreshments.

Captain Paul saw them through safety brief and take off...but then...a terrible explosion over Botswana...a torn-apart fuselage...crew savaged by lions...blood everywhere. Could the children possibly make it...alone?

Collage 2019-07-04 15_26_09

Collage 2019-07-04 15_24_37

Collage 2019-07-04 15_23_32


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this Trailblazers, I think has been the best TB we've had, ever. it was really enjoyable and I especially loved it when we entered the "Airoplane" and when we had to hand in our "passports & Tickets" to get on to the airoplane. I also really liked it when Mr Walters, Mr Goodburn & Mrs Fox got killed by "lions". it was so funny and enjoyable but also we learned that there are times when we need one another and there are times when we need to collaborate in certain situations. other times people need to be responsible and take charge and be the leader.

this has been so fun and I really want to do it again.

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