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A Day In The Life at Kilburn Junior School

The above film, gives a flavour of our school ethos and the many wonderful opportunities on offer for our pupils.


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It’s amazing! I love the video almost as much as I love our school. ❤️

What a fantastic video showcasing all the amazing opportunities available in school :-)

Excellent video, well done KJS.

Good job Mr Whiteman it looks amazing.

What a fantastic video - well done to all involved!

Brilliant video well done looks as though the children enjoy the trailblazers

Wow what a fab film looks like everyone has loads of fun 😀

What a heartwarming video! Makes me so proud that my son goes to such an amazing school - we’re so lucky!
Thank you to everyone who makes it happen 😊

It is an exceptional video, that truly portrays how exceptional the school is. The staff are all wonderfully dedicated individuals who are a joy to be around and who do a fantastic job in educating the children in way that draws them in. Got to compliment trailblazers as well! I wish we did things like that when I was at school, and Mr. Goodburn is a wonderfully talented gentleman. He should be very proud of all he has done.

A brilliant video! A true reflection of an excellent school!

A brilliant video which accurately reflects this amazing school. There are no words to describe how pleased I am that my grandson is part of this community.

What a great video I LOVE the bit where I take the shot in to the net ☺🏀!

My daughter joined this amazing school in Year 4. A tough decision at the time but one we’re all so glad we made. The opportunities given to the kids daily and the dedication of all the staff make this a family as well as a school. It’s just fantastic!!!!

Amazing video! Very proud of everything the school does for our children.

A fantastic video ... very well executed (and yes, I saw the CGI, eventually) - and the 2 Mr Barbers ....

Thank you very much for all of the comments. I'm very pleased so many of you have enjoyed watching and taking part in the video.
Stay tuned for the next! ☺

I loved the video

love Emma and Skye

It was funny when I saw the CGI on the drone but it was a really good video

Great vid Mr Whiteman! I love it so much!

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