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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Safeguarding over the holidays

As a school, the safety and well-being of our pupils and members of the school community is most important to us.

As we break for the Summer Holiday, if you have any immediate concerns for the safety or welfare of a child please contact:

Screenshot 2020-12-18 094918

Leavers 2022

Wishing all of our wonderful year 6 a fantastic time at their new schools. You have all been fantastic role models and worked incredibly hard throughout your time with us. Keep up the great work!

We would like to wish you all the very best for the future and please do not hesitate to stop by.


Team Discovery 2021/22

What a year, what a team! Mrs. Parkin and I could not be anymore proud of this awesome bunch of talented kids. We have headlined on the Radio Derby Breakfast Show, we have received a letter from the PM, we have designed roller coaster rides, we have created alien characters and their home planets...and we have had loads of fun and laughter along the way. Well done everyone and have a great summer! Team Discovery

Heatwave Heaven in Trailblazer Wood

With temperatures hitting 38 degrees today, there was only one place to be to escape the heat- Trailblazer Wood.

The children really enjoyed playing in the shade of the trees and it was a delight to see them using their creativity to explore new ways to enjoy time with their friends.

Click on the photo to see the children in action


This week in TB - 11/07/22

Classes started sessions by considering either adjectives or emotions - we shared our thoughts with a partner and contemplated how a problem shared is often a problem halved. 

Collage 2022-07-11 11_55_46

The majority of LS children continued with their orienteering maps, with Disco completing these, setting courses, hiding treats and finding treasure (thanks to all parents for sending items in).

Collage 2022-07-11 16_05_23
We have also had the sweep nets out this week, comparing different terrestrial niches found within our school habitat - would the long grass harbour more mini-beasts than the mown? Why would this be?

Collage 2022-07-12 15_22_21

LS also found a worrying letter from Flame - a ransom note off Zamadeth demanded 5000 twinkles or the goblins would kidnap munchlings - Flame requested a safe-room for the we dusted off the DT skills, did our research and began construction.

Others tried their hand with the marble run or cared for the saplings that are suffering with dehydration.

Collage 2022-07-12 12_16_30

This week was USs last session, so children had free choice. We had den builders, dragonfly-crafters, bug hunters, cookers and marble-runners.

Collage 2022-07-12 12_19_41

Incredibly, with oodles of inquisitivness, problem solving and collaboration, the marble runners made a working course that spanned the length of the wood...they were jubilant!

Collage 2022-07-13 19_19_38

Finally, we had group 2 for the Air Crash Challenge and they were awesome. Congratulations to Iris and Archie who tied for Most Valuable Team Member (MVTM).

Collage 2022-07-15 14_42_19

Click on image below to see all the photos from the challenge:

Collage 2022-07-14 14_03_36

Year 6 Transition Festival

On Tuesday, the whole of year 6 travelled to Eyes Meadow for the AVSSP Transition Festival. Here, we met children from across the area who they will be moving up to secondary school with the pupils from KJS. We also met Captain Smoothbeard who set the children a series of challenges to release Ozzy the Octopus from his cage! In order to do so, the children had to work together to run a tough obstacle course, complete archery challenges, take part in some martial arts training and solve some tricky team work challenges! They may have got a little wet too! 


Click on the picture above for some more photos from the event!

Y4 Trailblazer Camp-Out

Last night saw the return of the Year 4 Trailblazer Camp-out on the school field. 

A beautiful, cloudless evening, with a clear moon and warm breeze helped  the children create wonderful memories of playing games, toasting marshmallows around the fire, listening to stories and spending the night under canvas with their friends.

Well done children for making the night so special for everyone and for staying in your sleeping bags until 5.30am.

Please click on the link below to see the photos of the evening.




The Brownlee is Back

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to participate in the Brownlee Triathlon today, organised by the Brownlee Foundation, a charity founded by Olympic triathletes, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, to inspire children from all backgrounds to enjoy sport, encourage them to lead active lifestyles and benefit from the opportunities sport provides.

The event, held at the new Moorways Sports Village, gave the children the opportunity to sample the triathlon in a fun, non-competitive way, and with each child completing the course and receiving goodie-bag the event proved a great success.

Click on the link below for some more photos...


Achievement Assembly Winners

With the end of the school year drawing ever nearer, there's certainly been no let up in classes this week, with the children continuing to work hard and give their best.

In today's Achievement Assembly, the children were awarded certificates for their excellence in English, and in particular their newly designed theme parks in lower school.

More children were also presented with both blue and yellow sports awards, having represented the school in numerous tournaments throughout the year.


This week in TB - 04/07/22

Mapping has been the theme of the week - orienteering and cartography.  

Collage 2022-07-04 15_30_10

All groups have started with a leaf-orienteering chalenge - 10 controls...10 trees...10 leaves to identify.  Do you know your oak from your ash? 

Collage 2022-07-04 15_31_34

Following this, some groups in LS have interrogated orienteering keys and maps, before producing their own maps of the school grounds - we were looking for precision with feature placement and the correct use of symbols. 

Others in LS undertook pond dipping, marble running, munchling playgrounding or took on an army-soldier challenge. 

Collage 2022-07-05 17_12_21

After orieteering, US children continued sculptures, pond dipped, made play-grounds or looked and made models of tourist attractions found along Derbyshire's river Derwent.

Collage 2022-07-06 15_56_41

We also had round 1 of the Air Crash Challenge - see specific web-post for info and photo album about this.

Collage 2022-07-08 09_57_35