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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

TB this week - 27/06/22

This week, we've had a big focus on the school pond. For weeks, she's been out of action due to a blanket weed invasion...but last week, myself, Garry and Rufus managed to clear it.

Collage 2022-06-27 12_07_39

So...dipping commenced and we discovered wonderful things: dragonfly and damselfly larvae, mayfly nymphs, greater and lesser waterboatmen, hog-louse...but most amazingly...oodles of stickleback fry and several mature male sticklebacks in their breeding colours (red and blue).

Collage 2022-06-27 16_05_56

What's incredible is that 18 months ago, Mr Hull put seven stickle back fry into the pond - how successfully they have reproduced! Let us know if you want any fry for your pond.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_42_45

Most classes started the week with Crazy Crow - a high octane game requiring Collaboration, Organisation and Communication. There were some incredibly competitive battles here which were awesome fun to watch.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_44_26

In the wood, we found a letter from Flame...the munchkins loved our places of worship and have clans visiting next week for communal worship - the munchkin lady folk asked the children to make play areas to keep the visiting munchlings entertained.

Collage 2022-06-28 16_47_39

DT skills were needed here and the children made some incredible attractions which I am confident the munchlings will love (much tool-use, Collaboration and Creativity were called for).

Collage 2022-06-29 13_24_43

Others in LS took their turn at map drawing or made a marbe run.

Collage 2022-06-30 13_01_31

Y6 children have undertaken some tasks in preperation for The Air Crash Challenge - cooking and bike building.

Collage 2022-06-30 13_03_43

Other USers have continued work on sculptures, cracked on with the London Underground map, made stoneage axes, crafted dragonflies in clay or made shrines to the tree-spirits. 

Die Tiere (Animals)

This afternoon, Year 6 have been learning how to say different animals in German as part of their Introduction to German unit. The children did a brilliant job of applying their pronunciation knowledge to say the animals. Then they enjoyed consolidating what they had learned through some competitive quiz games. Well done, Year 6, and keep up your wonderful attitude!


Angles gymnastics

The children in team Discovery have been revising angles this week. To demonstrate their knowledge, they took part in our "angles gymnastics." They recreated angles using their bodies including right, obtuse and acute. Exercise during Maths!

Angles gym


Olivia's Fundraising Campaign

One of our Pupils , Olivia, has recently been diagnosed with type one diabetes. 

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high. It is a serious condition where  the body cannot make a hormone called insulin. 

Olivia has had numerous visits to the hospital, where she has been looked after and supported by the Paediatric Diabetes Team.

As a way of thanking the team for their wonderful care during this difficult time, Olivia decided she would like to raise awareness of her condition and raise money for the team by selling ice lollies after school with her friends.

Lolly sale

Super Scientists

Here in Team R. this afternoon, we used the LBQs to recap and reactivate our knowledge about plants, their parts and their functions. After that, we used our key learning to help us identify the parts of a flower, making careful observations as we dissected them. Finally, we applied our newfound knowledge and vocabulary whilst exploring the colourful flowers in our school grounds.

1 2 3

This week in TB - 20/06/22

Lower school started sessions this week by listening to prayers and poems about gratitude. We discussed the things we had in our lives that we should be grateful for, and considered how we may sometimes forget just how blessed we are. 

Collage 2022-06-20 12_06_10

After this, children found a quiet spot in the wood and scribed something to show the things they were grateful for...some wrote their own poems and prayers and others made lists or drew pictures.

Collage 2022-06-20 15_46_34

We tasked the children with taking their work home and showing it to parents / carers...then saying THANKYOU! What was your child grateful for? 

Collage 2022-06-21 19_20_25

We also had a letter from Flame...the munchkin population has hit 103, so he's recieved funding to construct a place of worship to the Munchkin Supreme Leader, Munchimus Maximus - he charged us with the build! 

Some of the children therefore explored images of churches and shrines from various religions before designing and building something suitable for the munchkins. 

Others undertook cooking, explored flowers or made maps. 

Collage 2022-06-24 08_50_10

In Upper School, we examined 10 sculptures and tried to interpret meaning - we were very mature and inquisitive here: 

Collage 2022-06-24 08_52_42

Following this, some cooked, made wooden sculptures, created and presented themed multi-media sculptures, made a munchkin shrine, rigged tarps, buried a baby blackbird, recreated the Great Fire of London or made a version of the London underground map! 

Collage 2022-06-22 12_38_05

Collage 2022-06-21 19_16_54


Achievement Assembly Winners

During this morning's Achievement Assembly, the Year 6 children received special praise for their positive attitude and behaviour during their transition days at secondary school this week. A number of our Year 5 girls were also recognised for their effort, hard work and attitude in Trailblazer this week, exemplifying many of our YOU22 Attributes.

Another positive week in school- superb behaviour, hard working children, sports competitions, sunshine and smiles on faces- perfect!


Fun with spellings!

This week, Equality have been looking at words with silent letters. We decided to create some fun mnemonics to help us remember where the silent letters appeared. The class loved learning spellings in a different way. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's spelling test and lesson!


Reading Scripts Accurately

Yesterday, Team Equality explored the features of scripts. We discussed what we might expect to see: character names, stage directions, scenes etc. The children then worked in small groups to follow the script effectively, considering what their character might do whilst not delivering a line too. They then performed their scene to the class. It was wonderful to see every child playing the part with expression and excitement. I think we have some future thespians amongst us. 


Kwik Cricket champions!

On Wednesday this week, our upper school Kwik Cricket team took part in the first round of the Amber Valley tournament. The team played exceptionally well, winning three of their four games on their way to being crowned champions of the group stage. We are excited to move on to the final which is on Wednesday next week. Well done all and good luck for the final! Cricket team