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School Sport

We provide opportunities for children to participate in a wide range of sports; swimming, football, netball, cricket, rounders, tennis, hockey, basketball and athletics are just a fews.  As part of the Top Sport initiative we share equipment for several of these sports with other local schools.  These sports are delivered in various ways, through the curriculum, as a club, or as a special coaching event.  They take place at different times of year too.

Our main aim is to give children the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities, believing that a taster will precede specialisation at a later age.  We do encourage team membership and take part in local competitions.  Fostering team spirit is part of a wider idea about taking responsibility and supporting our friends.  Whilst demanding a certain level of commitment to teams we never forget that sport in meant to be enjoyed.  We make it fun!

We are part of the Amber Valley Schools Sports Partnership. Through this partnership, we are able to offer children the opportunity to engage in competitions against other schools in the local area and to access high quality coaching to enhance the children’s learning in PE.