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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Team Resilience - Reading Champions!

Fabulous news from Team Resilience! All the children achieved their reading challenge, seven books in seven weeks! Keep up the fantastic reading - an achievement to be proud of. IMG_1063

Class Discovery's brass lesson!

Class Discovery enjoying their brass lesson on Friday! Are you having fun with your instruments at home?


Trailblazers Y3 - a definite winter feel

A very chilly day in the wood! 

After a few games focusing on honesty, respect and empathy, children broke off into groups undertaking tree climbing, sword making and cave art. 

The children showed exceptional resilience in what were very cold and challenging conditions; hopefully some will remember waterproofs and warm layers for next week!

Collage 2017-11-10 17_10_06


Endeavour - Anderson Shelter Results

Today, the Anderson Shelters were tested! A score out of 10 was given in each of the following categories:

Shrapnel Resistance Test (SRT)  - an inflated balloon was placed inside each shelter, the shelter was then shot with an air rifle; if the balloon popped, the structure failed the test.

Mia Test (MT), ascertaining whether the structures could withstand a sudden loading - an egg was placed in each structure, Mia then stood on the roof and jumped up and down; if the egg broke, the structure failed the test (all survived, so we did the Mr G Test (MGT), which, amazingly, they all survived as well).

Tyre Test (TT), designed to replicate the side impact from an explosive shock wave - again, eggs were placed inside and a large tyre was rolled at the side of each structure. Breakage = failure. 

Incredibly, all eggs survived, and only two balloons were popped; a real testament to the skills of the children and their ability to demonstrate and action prior learning. 

So, here are the results (seriously though, all teams were winners):

5th = Team Green with 24 points. 

4th = JPARA with 29 points. 

3rd = Team Nature with 36 points.

2nd = Team Savage Unicorn with 38 points. 

1st = Team Boss Babies with 38.5 points. 

Great work all round. 

Collage 2017-11-10 16_30_44

Team Courage Spelling Test 17th November

I have attached our spelling lists and a handy link to some fun activities and games to support you and your child whilst you learn this week's spellings.  Our spelling test will be on Friday (17th November).  Please post any comments or questions about our spellings or the activities in the comments section below. Have fun!  Mr Gordon.


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Spellzone%20starter%20course Spellzone%20starter%20course Spellzone%20starter%20course
Download Group 1 Spelling list 8 Download Group 2 spelling list 8

Download Group 3 Spelling list 8


Endeavour - Woodland Anderson Shelters

As part of our WW2 topic, children in Endeavour have been studying structures, with a view to making their own Anderson Shelters.

We tested different joining methods and then looked at how well various materials resisted penetration by shrapnel.

After this, we constructed simple structures from art straws, added bracing, before crush-testing the structures to ascertain how effective differing bracing actually was. 

Findings from all of this research and testing were then used to inform the construction of our Anderson Shelters in the wood today; children worked in small teams, taking on different tasks and using a range of tools supportively and safely. Constructions were hazel-wood framed and cladded, with sandbag walls and dirt / leaf coat for camouflage.

Tomorrow, we test to find the best Anderson Shelter! Each has had an egg placed inside, which must survive the following: shrapnel impact, side impact, sudden load applied to roof.

Which team will be victorious? Watch this space... 

Collage 2017-11-09 19_20_31

Trailblazers Y5 - negotiation, discovery and a cremation!

An emotional morning in the woods today.

After a couple of warm up games, the children worked in pairs to find three amazing things in the wood; these things had to be small enough to fit in a yoghurt pot and once in the pot, they couldn't be exchanged; they had to negotiate with each other and agree what went in, and then discuss their choices with other pairs - children showed great empathy and persuasion skills during this task, and cooperated with each other well.

During this challenging, a squashed shield beetle was discovered; it had a ruptured abdomen, a mortal injury for any insect, but was still alive. We were not sure what to do: put it out of its misery or leave it to suffer and pass away naturally.

The children decided their personal view, and then had opportunity to try to persuade those who were unsure or differing in view.

After hearing very mature and emotional reasoning, it was decided to put the beetle out of its misery and cremate it, with a musical accompaniment; this was done with care and respect. 

Collage 2017-11-09 16_06_21

Trailblazers - Weekly Caption Competition

Think you're witty? Then come up with a funny Caption for this Trailblazer picture (no worms were injured during the taking on this picture):


A Visit from the Police

Many thanks to PC Gardner and PCSO Derby for coming into school yesterday. They delivered an incredibly interesting and enlightening session on internet safety, cyber bullying,  the age of legal responsibility and how to stay safe around the village. The children were all very enthused, displaying great knowledge of the law, asking lots of questions and sharing stories of their own positive interactions with the police. They even got to try on some hats too! 

Year 6 and Police

Think you know logo

For more information about internet safety and cyber bullying, see the link above.

Class Discovery try cave art

We wanted to experience what it would be like to create real cave art. Today, we drew against the walls and under the tables to recreate a cave! What do you think of our work?