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We are very proud of our school and all of the opportunities that we give our pupils. We value all individuals, pupils and adults, and seek to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, leaving them ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

We believe that we are an open and welcoming school and have excellent relationships with our parents. This is very important to us.

Robert Hull - Headteacher

Latest updates from our school

Trailblazers Y5/6 - Goblin traps are set!

Some children completed their goblin traps while others made magic wands and marble runs. 

The traps are looking great...and I have to say I am starting to feel a little sorry for the goblins; they don't stand a chance!

It's been lovely over the past two weeks seeing how the children have collaborated, problem solved and tapped into their creativity; it's what Forest Schools is all about. 

The marble runners were impressive today also; they worked exceptionally well as a team, approached the challenge methodically and persevered when things went wrong.

Thanks for a lovely afternoon children! 

Collage 2018-05-11 17_54_19

Trailblazers Y3/4 - wandtastic!

We started with a nature treasure hunt...children had to think creatively in order to find all the items!

We then completed our wands, writing instructions for their use and finding the leaves required to give them their magic powers!

Children were incredibly creative when decorating their wands, and showed exceptional skill when using the sheath knives. 

Collage 2018-05-11 17_09_53

Year 6 Ready2Rock their SATs


Our Year 6 pupils have worked really hard in preparation for their SATs next week. They have completed their final  early morning booster session this morning and have begun their Ready2Rock sessions with Loz- perfect preparation for the week ahead.

We wish you all good luck and know you will give your best. 

Trailblazers Y5 - marble runs, mini-beasts and more

A sunny but chilly day in the wood today; we started with a game of 'Hide the Child', where Team Perch comfortably defeated Team Fox thanks to the stillness and calm of Mr Murphin!

Some children then constructed a marble run while others cooked, acted, swung and looked for mini-beasts; the actors were passionate, the cooks tastetastic, the marbellers methodical and determined, the mini-beasters scientific and the swingers creative.

Collage 2018-05-10 19_05_16

Trailblazers Y4 - games and creativity

We started with a team building game; the children were supportive, collaborative and reflective - they nailed the challenge! 

We then moved into the wood and had some children cooking, others making camouflaged munchkin bunkers and a final group making swords. 

Collage 2018-05-09 15_43_42

Team Courage Spelling Test Friday 11th May

Keep learning your spellings to earn your spelling stars certificate for the summer term.  I have attached the usual games and copies of our spelling lists to help you. I hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. You've earned it!


Spellzone Spellzone Spellzone

Group 1:

See the above link for your spelling list.  

Download Group 2 Spelling list 25 Download Group 3 spelling list 25

Team Endeavour - scientific classification

Each child chose 5 random things from within and around the classroom. We made a big pile with our objects outside, and then attempted to group/sort/classify them by observing their features - the children showed incredible communication, observation and reasoning skills and pretty quickly had our objects in linked, labelled groups.

We then applied these principles to a selection of animals back in the classroom - next week we will take a look at the established system for the classification of animals.

Collage 2018-05-06 08_41_57

Trailblazers Y3/4 - magic wands and team games

What a lovely morning in the wood! 

We started with some tree identification - different leaves give your wand different powers!

One group undertook team building challenges with Mr W, another developed their wand usage  instructions with Megan, while a third group used loppers and sheath knives to make their wands.

Next week, we will add decoration and leaves to give the wands their special powers!

Collage 2018-05-06 08_27_31

Trailblazers Y5/6 - Goblin Traps

First up, thanks to parents for supporting children to bring in the necessary resources for their traps. 

Today was one of my favourite out-door sessions ever...every child was 100% engaged in what they were doing, collaboration, creativity and determination were through the roof, and a full range of Forest School tools were being used safely and appropriately! 

The traps were cunning, well thought out and constructed with care, precision and consideration; it was wonderful to see how the children exploited the goblins' weaknesses to their advantage. 

All I can say is: I'm glad I'm not a goblin! Well done children!

Collage 2018-05-06 08_12_31

Achievement Award Winners

Well done to our pupils for winning the Mathematics Star of the fortnight award. They have all worked hard both inside and outside of school and achieved great success in Mathematics. Also, a big congratulations to Nolan who always tries his hardest, gives his best and is such a positive and friendly member of our school, for this you won the Headteacher's Special Award.