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Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to all our award winners today. You have all worked very hard in English this week and demonstrated the high standards that we expect from our pupils.

Well done also to Mason for your positive start to Year 6. IMG_8834
For this you were awarded the Headteacher's Special Award.

# Ditto Magazine


In this edition we’re looking at:

  • Does removing devices from a child protect them?
  • What is – Digital Footprint
  • Apps – Snapchat.
  • Critical thinking.
  • DITTO – YouTube and inappropriate recommended videos.
  • Free resources and links.

Download available below:

Download DITTO-June-2017-compressed



Stars of the Week

Well done to all our award winners from our achievement assembly today. You have all worked very hard in English this week and demonstrated the high standards that we expect from our pupils. Well done, also, to Kyla for impressing Mr Hull with your organisation and group working skills. For this you were awarded the Headteacher's special award! Keep up the good work. 



AVSSP Trip to Gambia

Mr Basterfield from the Amber Valley School Sports Partnership came to thank us for the money we helped raise to send sports equipment to the children in Gambia. He showed us lots of photos of some very happy children with footballs and dodgeballs. He also showed some drone footage of what it was like to live in rural Africa. Thanks for a very interesting talk in our assembly and well done to the children and the AVSSP for helping to raise money for this worthy cause. 

Gambia Tour

For more pictures of the Gambia trip, see the AVSSP website. Link below.


Comic Relief Fund Raising

A massive congratulations to everyone who brought in their sponsorship money for taking part in the Mini-Mukker Killer Kilometre. As you can see, we have raised a phenomenal amount of money for Comic Relief. We are all very thankful to everyone for their generosity and for the children's hard work in raising this amazing total. Well done all!

Comic Relief Totals

A special thank you to Tyler, Hannah, Rufus, Emily, Jacob, Ashley and Jessica who between them raised a huge chunk of our total. Just the 7 of them raised £608- a sterling effort!


Well done to all the year 5 children who went through their level 1 and 2 Bikeability training this week with the lads from Big on Bikes. Many thanks to Nathan and Paul for helping the children to stay safe when cycling on the roads. Year 5, don't forget the skills that you have been taught!


BIg on BIkes

Guide to Fraction Arithmetic

Calculating with fractions was brought into the primary curriculum with the review in 2014 and children across the country have found it quite tricky. Because of this, I have put together a guide for the children to use as a revision aid during this critical time before the SATs. Each child in year 6 has a copy of this to use in school and at home.

Please find below a .pdf version of this booklet below for you to see how we teach these different skills to the children.

Download Guide to Fraction Arithmetic


 Let us know in the comments  if you find this resource useful. 

#Ditto Magazine

Please find below a link to the March issue of #Ditto magazine. This is a brilliant resource for keeping up-to-date with  eSafety issues and advice. The magazine is put together by Alan McKenzie  who is an independent consultant specialising in online safety, specifically within education to children, young people, schools and parents. He is a very knowledgeable man and a very inspiring speaker! I will continue to add these as they are published but you can also sign up on his website (link below) to receive this straight to your inbox. 

Download DITTO-Mar-2017

Here, also, is a link to Alan's website, again full of great resources for keeping clued-up about eSafety:

Ditto logo