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Team Discovery

Christmas letters

Children from class Discovery have posted their letters to Father Christmas today. We are now waiting for our reply!


Class Discovery's homework

Class Discovery's homework for Monday 27th is to complete pages 20 and 21 and bring their book to show me.

Miss Richardson.


Class Discovery's new members

Today, Class Discovery welcomed 7 new members. We haven't decided on the names for our fish yet, what do you think we should call them? 


Class Discovery's brass lesson!

Class Discovery enjoying their brass lesson on Friday! Are you having fun with your instruments at home?


Class Discovery try cave art

We wanted to experience what it would be like to create real cave art. Today, we drew against the walls and under the tables to recreate a cave! What do you think of our work?


Premier Sport Archery Competition

Twelve of our years 3 and 4 children were offered an exciting opportunity to compete in an  archery competition held at our school. 

Kilburn formed three teams and Morley Primary formed the final team of the event which was organised by Premier Sport.


All of the children had a fantastic time and one of our teams finished the event as Premier Sport Archery Champions!


Lower School Trip to Poole's Cavern

I hope that you are excited about our trip to Poole's Cavern on Tuesday.  I visited the cavern on Sunday morning and really enjoyed exploring the caves and walking in the woodland.  Take a look at these videos as a teaser for our trip on Tuesday.  What do you think you will discover in the caves?  Post a comment below to let me know!  Mr Gordon.



Class Discovery enjoying their brass lesson.

Please leave a comment about how much you enjoyed today's lesson! 


Class Courage and Class Discovery enjoying a science lesson outdoors this afternoon!

School Sports Stars

Well done to our representatives at the Boccia Finals! Excellent effort and sportsmanship and a well deserved 4th place. A great time was had by all.                  IMG-20170712-WA0001                                 IMG-20170712-WA0000