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Achievement Assembly Winners

Well done to our achievement assembly winners from today! It was great to hear all about their hard work which won them their Maths star of the fortnight award.



Basketball practice with our Embark friends at Smalley.

It was a privilege to watch children from both Embark schools practice their Basketball skills earlier in the week.

Thank you Mr Whiteman and Mrs Shaw for making this happen and to all parents for helping with transport.



Handball practice for Embark Federation!

I was lucky to watch a fantastic Handball session after school which was our first inter-school session for children at Smalley and Kilburn. 

This was a great chance to link together as two schools and practice before the competition in a couple of weeks time. This will hopefully give the children a slight advantage over the other schools attending but more importantly have fun and make friends
with others from the Embark Family.

A huge thank you to Mr Whiteman and Mrs Shaw for organising this and we are looking forward to the next inter school sports session in December. 

Well done children and good luck in the competition. 


Premier Sport Archery Competition

Twelve of our years 3 and 4 children were offered an exciting opportunity to compete in an  archery competition held at our school. 

Kilburn formed three teams and Morley Primary formed the final team of the event which was organised by Premier Sport.


All of the children had a fantastic time and one of our teams finished the event as Premier Sport Archery Champions!


Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics

We’ll done to our athletics team for representing the school brilliantly at the Sportshall Athletics competition tonight. There was a real team spirit displayed and everyone had loads of fun taking part in the events. 


Class Discovery enjoying their brass lesson.

Please leave a comment about how much you enjoyed today's lesson! 


Achievement Assembly Winners!

Well done to all the children who were selected to win the English star of the fortnight award. They have all worked hard both inside and outside of school time and achieved great success in English. Also, a big congratulations to James who won the Headteacher's Special Award for his positivity and excellent attitude to school.



Well Done to our Brownlee Triathlon Competitors

Congratulations to all of our Brownlee Triathlon competitors. What an amazing experience the children had, and to cap it all off they were able to meet two-time Olympic and Commonwealth triathlon champion, Alistair Brownlee. What an honour! Many thanks to all the parents and staff who also attended the event to support the children.



The Royal British Legion Bring our WWII Topic Alive

A huge thank you to Ron, Paul and Greg from the Bulwell branch of the Royal British Legion who came to our school yesterday to talk about both world wars and their impact on the lives of the people who lived through them. Their talk was incredibly stimulating and really brought our topic alive. Not only did we hear accounts of their own families' involement in the war, we also got to see and handle artifacts from the time period. 




September Edition of Ditto Magazine

Here is the latest edition of Ditto Magazine. This publication is a brilliant resource for parents and teachers alike to keep up to date with the latest news in the world of online safety.

Download DITTO-Ed-9-Sept-2017